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English Fast Track Seminar "Social studies curriculum: A window to peace and tolerance or otherwise!"

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Dear colleagues,


We would like to invite you to the English Fast Track Seminar # 15.

The seminar will take place in the following format: the speaker will have a 15 min presentation followed by 5 min Q&A section.


Date: February 17, 2023 15-00 (Moscow Time)

Language: English


Topic: Social studies curriculum: A window to peace and tolerance or otherwise

Nazir Jogezai

Research Fellow, Laboratory for Educational Innovation Research, Institute of Education HSE University


The social studies curriculum has been the subject of fierce debate globally, but in societies with more diverse ethnicities and ideologies, it has been the most contested topic. An apostolic vision seeks to establish a theocracy or monotheistic society, which contradicts the concept of a modern nation-state. In contrast, a curriculum that emphasizes diversity and multiculturalism is considered dynamic and strives to meet criteria of significance and relevance; in a globalizing world, a focus on national scales alone is insufficient. The social studies curriculum can be seen as having two distinct goals: either to promote peace and tolerance or to obstruct them by promoting violence, prejudice, and hatred or related concepts. Recent research has focused on the formation of social identity through social studies curricula. Using one of the leading models that supports social identity formation and promotes peace and tolerance through a history curriculum, this seminar paves the way for an analysis of a social studies curriculum. It investigates the role of social history education in fostering or hindering concepts such as peace, tolerance, violence, and prejudice.