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Current Research Projects (2013-2015)

“Teachers in Russia: Comparative Quality Analysis” is a three-year (2013-2015) comparative analysis of teaching and learning in Russian schools, aimed at strengthening the country’s analytical capacity and promoting high-quality teacher training.

• Research Director: Sergey Kosaretsky skosaretski@hse.ru

“The Genesis and Trends of Educational Inequality” is a project exploring educational inequality in the post-Soviet era, including the impact of federal and regional policies on school access. This project seeks to identify the effects of different practices, policies and institutional models on inequality throughout the education system.

• Research Directors: Viktor Bolotov vbolotov@hse.ru and Sergey Kosaretsky skosaretski@hse.ru

“Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC)” is a study designed to identify and measure the individual competencies needed for successful social development. This research is carried out within the framework of the OECD’s Skills Survey data collection for the purposes of creating statistical and analytical bases to address education policy objectives.

• Research Director: Oleg Podolskiy opodolskiy@hse.ru 

"Russian Longitudinal Panel Study of Educational and Occupational Trajectories" seeks to identify and analyze life trajectories, tracking students from early schooling to later career development. This research is aimed at creating and testing methodological measures for longitudinal studies of educational and labour trajectories, as well as assessing the impact of economic, social and psychological factors on individual’s development.

• Research Directors: Dmitry Kurakin dukurakin@hse.ru and Isak Froumin ifroumin@hse.ru

“Institutional Differentiation in Russian Higher Education” is a study of organizational differences throughout Russian institutions of higher education.

•Research Director: Evgeny Knyazev

“Transformation and Social Dynamics of Higher Education” is an analysis of transformations in higher education with a focus on the relationships and mechanisms of interaction between universities and society. This project seeks to determine the nature of the basic networks linking universities with their societal surroundings.

• Research Directors: Anna Smolentseva asmolentseva@hse.ru and Dmitry Semenov dsemyonov@hse.ru

“Student Trajectories in Contemporary Higher Education” is a project aimed at studying student trajectories from the moment of university entrance til the moment of graduation. The research is being carried out along three main tracks: the makeup of the student body in Russian universities, student engagement and dropout rates/academic failure.

•Research Director: Isak Froumin ifroumin@hse.ru

“The Economics of Education: Transformation and Expanding Resources” is a project seeking to investigate changes taking place in the economics of education due to expanding resource pools (from information to educational resources). The research has a theoretical focus with an emphasis on the applicability of conceptual models to the Russian context.

• Research Director: Irina Abankina abankinai@hse.ru

“Education Quality and Economic Indicators: In-depth Analysis” is a wide-ranging study of education quality and student achievement, and environmental factors that influence educational results. The research pays special attention to Russia in relation to other BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) nations.

• Research Directors: Isak Froumin ifroumin@hse.ru and Martin Carnoy carnoy@stanford.edu

“Development and Testing of School Rating Mechanisms” is an investigation into public rating and monitoring mechanisms for pre-primary and primary schools. The study aims to identify successful methodologies based on international experiences.

• Research Director: Sergey Kosaretsky skosaretski@hse.ru

“Development and Testing of Teacher Evaluation Mechanisms” seeks to analyze current contract law and performance review mechanisms for Russian teachers. The research is aimed at developing consistent professional teaching standards.

• Research Directors: Isak Froumin ifroumin@hse.ru and Artemy Rozhkov airozhkov@hse.ru

“Salary Monitoring in Secondary Schooling” is a study of salary and payment monitoring systems including legal, organization and administrative structures responsible for teachers’ wages. The research will develop practical monitoring tools for institutions of secondary education.

• Research Director: Isak Froumin ifroumin@hse.ru

“Development and Testing of Standardized Graduation Exams” is a research project focused on analyzing student preparation for standardized exams at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

• Research Director: Oleg Podolskiy opodolskiy@hse.ru

“Payment Models for Education Employees” is a study of wage systems for employees of federal and independent educational institutions. The research examines both the legislative regulations and the data on existing compensation practices.

• Research Directors: Artemy Rozhkov airozhkov@hse.ru and Aleksey Novoseltsev anovoseltsev@hse.ru

“Increasing Museum Access in the Russian Federation” seeks to develop economic and social models to expand access to Russia’s rich museum network. The research focuses on the best examples of Russian and international practice, and their potential application on a broader scale.

• Research Director: Tatiana Abankina abankinat@hse.ru


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