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Internal Partnerships

International Partnerships
Interns, laborants, assistants


Dmitry Kurakin


Research interests: Social Theory, Cultural sociology, Sociology of Education, Sociology of the Sacred, Sociology of Body
Valeriya Malik

Leading Expert

Research interests: Longitudinal research methodology, Sociology of education, Ethnicity and nationalism
Ekaterina Pavlenko

Junior Research Fellow

Research interests:  Interpretative methodology, Anthropology of education, Youth culture, Transition to adulthood, choice and decision making
Diana Yanbarisova

Junior Research Fellow

Research interests: Work and study combinations, Social modeling and construction of giftedness
Elena Minina

Associate Professor

Research interests: neoliberal eductional policy in Russia and abroad, educational iequality, post-soviet studies, educational choice, cultural narratives



International Collaborators


Alexey Bessudnov, senior lecturer in sociology at the Department of Sociology, Philosophy and Anthropology, Exeter Unveristy. Alexey works with us on research of primary and secondary effects of social inequality in education. Personal page.
Timothy Malacarne  Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Science, Timothy is working on network analysis from the perspective of cultural sociology.
Dr. Werner Binder Department of sociology Faculty of Social Studies, Masaryk University, Brno, Czech Republic. Werner works on the methodology of interpretative analysis and development of cultural sociological aspects of trajectories
Yuliya Kosyakova is a post-doctoral researcher at the Migration and International Labour Studies Department in the Institute for Employment Research (IAB), the Research Institute of the Federal Employment Agency, Nuremberg, Germany. With us Yulia works on the topics of social inequality in education, gender inequality. Personal page.

Professor David Bills is an researcher in sociology of education, Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and Graduate Programs at the University of Iowa. With us he works on the topic of inequality in education and differentiation of universities.
Professor Amy Binder is a researcher and Director of Grqaduate Studies at the University of California in San Diego. She combines cultural sociology, anthropology and sociology of organizations to investigate various processes within educational system.
Anna Lund is an associate professor in sociology and works at the Department of Child and Youth Studies. She combines cultural sociology, youth studies, gender studies, ethnography to investigate such topics as multicultural incorporation, school achievemen and youth's opportunity structures.

Interns, laborants, assitants

Maria Razheva (2015)
Roman Kalinin (2015)
Altunina Natalia (2014)

Assalauova Dana (2013)
Barsegian Lilita (2013)
Voynilov Yuri (2013)
Gabov Konstantin (2014-2015)
Goleva Maria (2014-2015)
Ziganurova Saida (2012-2013)
Komarova Margarita (2014-2015)
Kruglova Ksenia (2014, 2016)
Mokrousova Anastasia (2012-2014)
Muhgalin Alexander (2013)
Rys Alexandra (2015/2016)
Chursina Yulia (2013)
Yuzhaninova Alexandra (2012-2014)



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