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R&D Divisions

Bringing together accomplished experts and junior academics of various background and research focus, IOE delivers a comprehensive approach that harnesses theoretical perspectives and applied frameworks from across scholarly areas. Every year, IOE's specialized centres and labs run an R&D portfolio of more than 100 projects so that our diverse expertise base would benefit multiple educational realms and stakeholders.

International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis
Martin Carnoy

Academic Supervisor, mcarnoy@hse.ru

Centre for Sociology of Higher Education
Natalia Maloshonok

Director, nmaloshonok@hse.ru

Laboratory for University Development
Daria Platonova

Director, dplatonova@hse.ru

Laboratory for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education
Dmitry Kurakin

Director, dukurakin@hse.ru

Centre for Vocational Education and Competencies
Fedor Dudyrev

Director, fdudyrev@hse.ru

Centre for General and Extracurricular Education
Sergey Kosaretsky

Director, skosaretski@hse.ru

Laboratory for the Study and Prevention of Adolescent Deviance
Arthur Rean

Director, arean@hse.ru

Centre for Modern Childhood Studies
Elizaveta Sivak

Director, esivak@hse.ru

Laboratory for Curriculum Design
Taras Pashchenko

Director, tpaschenko@hse.ru

Centre for Psychometrics and Measurements in Education
Elena Kardanova

Director, ekardanova@hse.ru

Laboratory for Advanced Measurements and Test Design
Svetlana Avdeeva

Director, savdeeva@hse.ru

Centre for Developments in Educational Economics and Finance
Kirill Zinkovsky

Director, kzinkovsky@hse.ru

Laboratory for Education Law
Szymon Jankiewicz

Director, syankevich@hse.ru

Laboratory for Educational Innovations
Diana Koroleva

Director, dkoroleva@hse.ru

Laboratory for Digital Transformation in Education
Ivan Karlov

Director, ikarlov@hse.ru

Laboratory for Educational Data Science
Ivan Smirnov

Director, ibsmirnov@hse.ru



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