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R&D Divisions

Bringing together accomplished experts and junior academics of various background and research focus, IOE delivers a comprehensive approach that harnesses theoretical perspectives and applied frameworks from across scholarly areas. Every year, IOE's specialized centres and labs run an R&D portfolio of more than 100 projects so that our diverse expertise base would benefit multiple educational realms and stakeholders.

International Laboratory for Evaluation of Practices and Innovations in Education
Prashant Loyalka

Academic Supervisor, ployalka@hse.ru

Centre for Sociology of Higher Education
Natalia Maloshonok

Director, nmaloshonok@hse.ru

Laboratory for University Development
Daria Platonova

Director, dplatonova@hse.ru

Laboratory for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education
Dmitry Kurakin

Director, dukurakin@hse.ru

Centre for Vocational Education and Competencies
Fedor Dudyrev

Director, fdudyrev@hse.ru

Centre for General and Extracurricular Education
Sergey Kosaretsky

Director, skosaretski@hse.ru

Laboratory for the Study and Prevention of Adolescent Deviance
Arthur Rean

Director, arean@hse.ru

Centre for Modern Childhood Studies
Elizaveta Sivak

Director, esivak@hse.ru

Laboratory for Curriculum Design
Taras Pashchenko

Director, tpaschenko@hse.ru

Centre for Psychometrics and Measurements in Education
Elena Kardanova

Director, ekardanova@hse.ru

Laboratory for Advanced Measurements and Test Design
Svetlana Avdeeva

Director, savdeeva@hse.ru

Centre for Developments in Educational Economics and Finance
Kirill Zinkovsky

Director, kzinkovsky@hse.ru

Laboratory for Education Law
Szymon Jankiewicz

Director, syankevich@hse.ru

Laboratory for Educational Innovations
Diana Koroleva

Director, dkoroleva@hse.ru

Laboratory for Digital Transformation in Education
Ivan Karlov

Director, ikarlov@hse.ru

Laboratory for Educational Data Science
Ivan Smirnov

Director, ibsmirnov@hse.ru

International Laboratory for Evaluation of Practices and Innovations in Education


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