The project is being coordinated by the Institute of Education (National Research University Higher School of Economics), with financial support from the Vklad v Budushchee (An Investment into the Future) Charity Foundation of Sberbank

Framework (draft)

Learning Framework 2030

OECD Education 2030 aims to build a common understanding of the knowledge, skills, attitudes and values necessary to shape the future towards 2030. The common vision and understanding of "learning for 2030" draws on research that has been carefully reviewed, tested, and validated by various stakeholders for global relevance as well as policy and practical implications.

Helsinki Welcomes Seminar by International 21st Century Skills Consortium

On September 15–16, 2017, the University of Helsinki, Finland, welcomed the second seminar by the International Academic Consortium working as part of the Key Competencies and New Literacy project, a joint initiative between IOE and Sberbank’s Investment in Future foundation.