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Institute of Education

Research & Expertise to Make a Difference in Education & Beyond

Established in 2012, the Institute of Education (IOE) is one of the key R&D units at the National Research University Higher School of Economics, the leader of the QS Rankins in Education Russia.

At IOE, we research, train, and network to craft a better world through better education. Our supreme commitment is to contribute to robust, evidence-centric policy and practice so everyone benefits from positive change in education and development.

We boast world-class expertise brought by 250+ research and teaching faculty, including academics of international renown, who have diverse backgrounds and are into various scholarly strands.

Our R&D portfolio comprises a vast range of projects—including high-caliber partnerships with QS top-rank institutions and global policy powerhouses—that cut across educational realms.


Scholars in various domains of expertise who represent an outstanding cohort of global powerhouses in social and educational R&D met up online last week as part of the inaugural session by the International Observatory for the Transformation of Higher Education, a one-of-a-kind endeavor recently launched by IOE and Politecnico di Milano.
November 23
A study by Ivan Smirnov of the IOE Educational Data Science Lab uses machine learning to analyze over 7 million social media posts
October 21
Recent times have witnessed actors in learning & development express more enthusiasm about game and simulation as important ingredients of educational tools that can engage and empower students so they become better prepared to learn and live in the 21st century. Earlier in September, Brighton, UK welcomed researchers, edutainment designers, and other stakeholders in education through play for the 15th European Conference on Game Based Learning (ECGBL). Marina Scherbakova of the IOE Laboratory for Advanced Measurements and Test Design was also taking part in the Conference sessions to share her experiences of working on a project team to develop a sci-fi educational game for mid-schoolers.   
October 12


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  • Underground Stations: Lubyanka, Turgenevskaya, Chistye Prudy, Sretenskiy Bulvar.

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