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Institute of Education

Expansão das universidades em uma economia global em mudança : um triunfo dos BRIC?

Carnoy M., Loyalka P., Dobryakova M. S. et al.

Stanford: Stanford University Press, 2015.

Do “better” teachers and classroom resources improve student achievement? A causal comparative approach in Kenya, South Africa, and Swaziland

Zakharov A., Tsheko G., Carnoy M.

International Journal of Educational Development. 2016. No. 50. P. 108-124.

Book chapter
The Reproduction of Social Inequality within the Russian Educational System In print

Kosyakova Y., Yastrebov G., Yanbarisova D. et al.

In bk.: Models of Secondary Education and Social Inequality: An International Comparison. Edward Elgar Publishing, 2016.

Working paper
Formation of homophily in academic performance: students prefer to change their friends rather than performance

Smirnov I., Thurner S.

arxiv.org. physics.soc-ph. Cornell University, 2016

As one of the key research and teaching departments at the Higher School of Economics (HSE), the Institute of Education trains future leaders, giving them the knowledge and skills to understand and transform education in Russia and around the world. Established in 2012, the Institute has made the HSE a national leader in education reform and research in this sphere. The Institute also works to raise the standards of the HSE itself, helping the university evolve into an internationally competitive center of education. The Institute of Education took its current shape after bringing together the Institute for Educational Development, the Institute for Educational Content, the Centre of Synergetic Anthropology, the Research Laboratory for University Development and the International Laboratory for Education Policy.

Our mission is to modernize and improve the education system in Russia.

The faculty, students, and staff at the Institute of Education engage in a wide range of relevant issues, using an integrated approach to investigate various problems from different perspectives:

• Basic research, applied research, and development studies;
• Expert analysis;
• Consulting on education and education reform;
• Teaching and training;
• Professional exchanges, conferences, and cooperation.

Besides, following regular activities empower us to build professional relationships and promote modernization of education:

• The weekly seminar Current Research and Development in Education;
• Two conferences with Russian experts held on an annual basis;
• An inter-university consortium for institutional research;
• The quarterly, peer-reviewed academic journal Educational Studies.

International Summer School on Educational Finance

The International Summer School on Educational Finance was held on July 3-10 in Beijing. The event was organized by HSE Institute of Education and the China Institute for Educational Finance Research, Peking University (CIEFR). Questions of educational financing were considered in the context of globalization and assessing students’ educational achievements.

Education Innovators Face Experts and Pitch Sessions at KIvO

The summer session of the Competition for Innovators in Education (KIvO), organized by the Higher School of Economics, was recently held in Moscow. Over a four-day period and under the careful watch of respected experts, KIvO participants worked on and developed projects, which will be presented to potential investors at the International Conference on New Educational Technologies EdCruch, slated for September 12-14, 2016 in Moscow. 

Challenges of the Teaching Profession Disccused in HSE Journal

The second issue of Voprosy obrazovaniya/Educational Studies.Moscow has been recently released. The current issue features the following thematic section – Recruitment, Education and Retention of Teachers: Issues and Challenges in the Eastern/Central Europe, the Caucasus, Central Asia and Mongolia.

The 1st International Conference on Initiatives of Academic Excellence

The first International Conference on Excellence Initiatives took place in St. Petersburg from June 30 to July 2. It was organized by 5-100 Russian Academic Excellence project, and its participants came from 11 countries. Academic advisor of the HSE Institute of Education Isak Froumin and Institute’s junior research fellow Mikhail Lisyutkin were among the speakers at the conference.

Schools of Education at Research Universities: Challenges, Opportunities, Collaboration

On June 17–18, Deans of Schools of Education from leading research universities gathered in the town of Pushkin, near St. Petersburg, Russia. The Summit entitled “Schools of Education at Research Universities: Challenges, Opportunities, Collaboration” was organized by the Institute of Education, Higher School of Economics, and the Graduate School of Education, Peking University.

Taking Education from the 19th Century to the 21st

For the first time ever, the leaders of education studies centres from some of the world’s leading research universities met at the HSE Academic Centre in Pushkin, Russia. At the meeting, the researchers, along with a representative from OECD, discussed how education studies departments should change to meet the global challenges that face the sphere of education.

International Summer School on Higher Education Research

The IV International Summer School on Higher Education Research, which was devoted to ‘Higher Education, Society and State’, was held June 4-10 in St. Petersburg. Organized jointly with the China Institute for Educational Finance Research at Peking University, the Summer School brings together senior and junior scholars in the field of higher education research; it aims to facilitate the exchange of ideas, enhance research quality, and foster the integration of early-career researchers into the international academic community.

New Publication in an International Journal

An article by researcher at the Institute of Education Denis Zubalov has been published in STUF - Language Typology and Universals journal. It is an international journal, published in Germany, which is indexed in SCOPUS database.

OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum Kicks Start to 2 Benchmark Projects

The first OECD Higher Education Stakeholder Forum took place in Paris on June 17, attracting over 100 people from 30 countries, IoE Deputy Director among them. The aim of its participants was to generate suggestions on finalizing the design of two projects, which are the basis for the development of the sphere of higher education, implemented by OECD Education Policy Committee.

19th Meeting of OECD Early Childhood Education and Care Network – IoE Researcher Impressions

Member of the Research of Modern Childhood group, Anastasia Nisskaya, Ph.D., took part in the meeting of OECD Early Childhood Education and Care Network at the beginning of June. She later shared her impressions and thoughts on what is common for Russian and European preschool education.