Interdisciplinary Summer School of The Graduate School of Education HSE in higher education studies “Creating Effective Universities”.

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The Summer School will take place on June 7-13, 2013 in Moscow suburban area.

The objective of the Summer School is to bring together young and senior researchers of higher education so as to provide unique learning opportunities that will advance our understanding of what can make higher education systems more effective for its different stakeholders: students, faculty, researchers, industry, government, the public. Understanding effective universities is the basis of better policy, leadership, administration, teaching, research, consultancy and communications. It means, among other missions, institutions that are ever more effective in serving their regional and local communities, institutions that advance the position of their nation in the world, institutions that bring many students from under-represented groups successfully through higher education, and institutions that know how to run themselves.

Understanding is based on knowledge and the wisdom to apply that knowledge effectively. A number of different perspectives provide us with useful knowledge about higher education: social, economic, political, educational, behavioral, organizational, cultural. What are the best ways to access and produce knowledge about higher education? How should we combine that knowledge and how should we wisely use it? What does existing research on higher education have to tell us, and what kind of research will be needed in the future? What are the key questions that researchers should be asking about creating effective universities? What lines research of research can enable us to add value and make a difference? These are the topics that will be explored and developed during the Summer School.

Summer School faculty includes distinguished international researchers and experts in higher education with different professional background: Prof.Martin Carnoy (Stanford University), Prof.Isak Froumin (HSE), Prof.Yaroslav Kuzminov (HSE), Prof.Simon Marginson (University of Melbourne), Prof.Jussi Välimaa (University of Jyvaskyla). Prof. Jussi Välimaa and Prof. Simon Marginson are Joint-Editors-in-Chief of the leading world journal Higher Education.

The format of the Summer School involves seminars with discussion on key problems of effective higher education; discussions of participants’ research projects; master-classes on consultancy in higher education, institutional research, research methodology, writing articles for academic journals, and working with media.

The tuition fee which covers accommodation during the Summer School, a transfer from all meals and registration is 40000 rub. (1000 EUR) for single accommodation and 30000 rub (750 EUR) for double accommodation. A limited number of scholarships will be provided to cover tuition fees of applicants selected on a competitive basis.

The working language of the summer school is English. Participants must have a strong command of spoken and written English.
Questions could be addressed to Elizaveta Rylova tel. +7-(495) -772-95-90*3696, +7(915) 379-62-04, email
The Organising Committee:

Isak Froumin, Academic Supervisor of the Graduate School of Education, HSE

Anna Smolentseva, Senior Research Fellow, Graduate School of Education, HSE

Elizaveta Rylova, Manager of International Laboratory of Educational Policy Analysis, Graduate School of Education, HSE