International Laboratory for Evaluation of Practices and Innovations in Education


Promoting an evidence-based approach to the use of EdTech in education and researching the digital divide



the effectiveness of educational innovations and practices


student and teacher engagement with educational technologies


patterns of EdTech usage through digital traces


international think tanks and scholars in the evaluation of educational innovations

Topic Map of Our Studies

Areas of Expertise


    administrations, businesses, schools and other organisations on the impact of educational innovations and practices


    the effectiveness of various aspects of online courses on engagement, motivation, and academic achievement 


    end-to-end research into primary and middle school education, as well as online learning for adults 

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Research Projects

Implementation, Usage and Perception of Digital Technologies in Schools

We analysed the dynamics of digital inequality in Russia during educational reforms aimed to improve the quality and equity of education system, as well as during the COVID-19 pandemic-related transition to distance learning. We studied teacher practices related to the use of digital technologies, and looked into the relationships between these practices and the characteristics of teachers and schools. Finally, we made an assessment of teacher burnout and teachers’ technology-related stress during and after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

The Case of New Moscow: A Natural Experiment

We assessed the effect of the ‘Stolichnoye obrazovanie’ (‘Education in the capital) programme on ‘New Moscow’ students’ academic achievement and their access to educational resources. We also performed an analysis of the collateral factors affecting academic achievement and the scope of resources (inputs and infrastructure) available to schools. As a result, we proposed recommendations aimed at reducing educational inequality in Russia.

Factors and Barriers of Digital Technology Use in Schools

In this project, we studied the factors that determine how primary school teachers react to the implementation of digital technologies in schools and how they actually use them. We investigated the relationships between teachers’ behaviours towards the use of digital technologies and their characteristics, and complemented this analysis with a study of the effects of school environments on teachers’ use of such technologies. We also identified the mechanisms and factors behind the teachers’ behaviours.

Commercial Projects

Measuring Student Engagement on Digital Educational Platforms

Together with the educational platform, we conducted a comprehensive study of approaches to the assessment and measurement of student engagement with digital educational platforms for children. We developed an experimental design (RCT) which can be used to assess the effectiveness of various mechanics for student engagement.

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Involvement in Educational Programmes

Evidence-based Education Development / Data Analysis in Education)

In this programme, students learn how to develop informed solutions related to educational policy, business, and science based on data and the latest theories. Students gain an understanding of the economics of educational products and management principles.

2 years, Full-time programme (in Russian)

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EdTech Practices

In this course, students are introduced to the practical aspects of EdTech research and the foundations of online educational experiences.

Elective course for HSE students

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Science of Learning and Assessment / Quasi-Experimental Research in Education

This programme is aimed at developing assessment instruments that take into account individual personality features.

2 years, Full-time programme

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Graduate School of Education / Methods of experimental studies in education

We conduct practical and fundamental research into education based on an interdisciplinary approach.

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Our Team

Laboratory Head

Evgeniy Terentev

Международная лаборатория оценки практик и инноваций в образовании: Старший научный сотрудник

Research Staff

Anastasia Kapuza

Impact evaluation, implementation of digital technology in schools, online learning

Kseniya Adamovich

Impact evaluation educational reforms, machine learning

Iuliia Gerasimova

Social-emotional skills and EdTech, student engagement

Tatiana Chirkina

Impact evaluation, technological stress, academic achievement


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