Laboratory for Instructional Design in Higher Education

The laboratory is a structural subdivision of the Center for Sociology of Higher Education of the Institute of Education of the National Research University - Higher School of Economics


The goal of the lab is to develop an evidence-based approach in instructional design at the higher education level, using learning analytics data both during the learning process and for redesigning courses, in order to improve the quality of education. An additional (applied) goal is to improve the quality of HSE educational products, as well as consulting in the field of instructional design.

Main tasks


Conceptual refinement of the instructional design model (4C/ID model), with the inclusion of digital tools and learning analytics.


Clarification of course improvement indicators through analyzing patterns in the available educational data of students.


Approbation of indicators in specific courses, including pilot studies.


Visualization of course improvement indicators in the so-called "ID dashboards".


Empirical research to find out whether courses improved on the basis of information from instructional design improvement indicators are actually more efficient and lead to higher levels of student satisfaction.


Experimental testing of new learning tools, including digital ones, within the framework of courses developed and improved according to a new design model based on learning analytics.


Другова Елена Анатольевна

Центр социологии высшего образования: Научный сотрудник

Костли Джейми Хайг Марр

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Захарова Ульяна Сергеевна

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Luis F. Santos

Чернобай Елена Владимировна

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Фрумин Исак Давидович

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Федерякин Денис Александрович

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Горбунова Анна Юрьевна


Шульгина Галина Игоревна


Журавлева Ирина Игоревна


Лытаева Мария Александровна

Департамент образовательных программ: Доцент

Han Zhang