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Centre of Sociology of Higher Education

International Status Anxiety and Higher Education: The Soviet Legacy in China & Russia

Edited by: A. Oleksiyenko, Q. Zha, I. Chirikov et al.

Hong Cong: Springer, 2018.

How collaboration influences the effect of note-taking on writing performance and recall of contents

Fanguy M., Baldwin M., Shmeleva E. et al.

Interactive Learning Environments. 2021.

Book chapter
Suddenly Online: How Russian Students Switched to Distance Learning During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Gruzdev I., Shmeleva E., Kalinin R. et al.

In bk.: Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education during COVID-19: International Perspectives and Experiences. Routledge, 2022.

Working paper
A Comparison of the Missing-Indicator Method and Complete Case Analysis in Case of Categorical Data

Zhuchkova S., Rotmistrov A.

Sociology. WP BRP. National Research University Higher School of Economics, 2019

The Centre of Sociology of Higher Education is a vibrant platform for research in the field of Russian and international higher education. The centre is academically-oriented and focused on the following areas:

How Political Whims and Woes Have Afflicted Education Internationalization

It was back into the summer of 2018 when Dr. Hans de Wit, a renowned authority on global higher education, came up with a call for essays on wins and losses of academic internationalization over the past quarter-century to be featured in University World News. Irina Shcheglova, researcher at the IOE Center for the Sociology of Higher Education, was only too enthralled to take up this challenge. 

A new research article in the Journal of Academic Ethics

Student academic dishonesty is a pervasive problem for universities all over the world. The development of innovative practices and interventions for decreasing dishonest behaviour requires understanding factors influencing academic dishonesty. Previous research showed that personal, environmental, and situational factors affect dishonest behaviour at a university. The set of factors and the strength of their influence can differ across countries. There is a lack of research on factors affecting student dishonesty in Russia. A sample of 15,159 undergraduate students from eight Russian highly selective universities was surveyed to understand what factors influence their decision to engage in dishonest behaviour. 

Igor Chirikov Joins UC Berkeley as Academic Director for Landmark ‘SERU’ Project

Are Russian Students Becoming More Dishonest During College?

One of the biggest challenges for the Russian higher education system is to combat academic dishonesty among students. Why do the Russian students tend to become more dishonest during college? What is wrong with Russian universities and how to solve the problem of academic dishonesty. 

A new book International Status Anxiety and Higher Education: The Soviet Legacy in China & Russia is out

The book 'International Status Anxiety and Higher Education: The Soviet Legacy in China & Russia' has been recently published by the University of Hong Kong. The scientific advisor of the CSHE, Igor Chirikov, served as an editor of the book.

CSHE at ECER 2018

Expanding horizons of our projects

In the beginning of June our Center conducted a round-table meeting with a professor of Bremen University Andreas Breiter to discuss opportunities and challenges of Doctoral education in Russia and Germany.

Student Winners to Research Cheating in Online Courses

HSE has announced the winners of the Academicus Modus competition of student projects. They will receive a year-long grant for their research, the results of which will be published in an academic journal.

HSE at SERU-I: five years of change

Last year HSE took part in the international project “Student Experience in the ResearchUniversity” (SERU-I) for the third time. This research gives an opportunity for undergraduate students all over the world to share their educational experience through completing the same questionnaire. The new issue of “That’s So HSE” presents SERU-I project results.

New publication in the journal of Higher Education

The research article 'National barriers to the completion of doctoral programs at Russian universities' by Natalia Maloshonok and Evgeniy Terentev has been published in the International Journal of Higher Education Research. Congratulations to our colleagues.

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