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Doctoral Education

The direction involves the study of trends in the development of postgraduate education and postgraduate experience in Russia and abroad.

Within the framework of this direction, the employees of the Center are studying the following topics:

  • Organizational models of postgraduate training in Russia and abroad
  • The quality of scientific leadership of graduate students
  • Dropout of graduate students
  • Career expectations and trajectories of graduate students
  • Postgraduate mobility


Russian postgraduate studies in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic

Purpose of the study: diagnosing the situation with postgraduate studies in Russian universities during the transition to distance learning, identifying negative and positive aspects of postgraduate experience in a pandemic. Methods and data: In the course of the study, a survey of postgraduate students of six Russian universities (with more than 1,000 respondents) was conducted to assess postgraduate experience in the context of distance learning.
The survey was conducted in June 2020 and covered the following topics:

  • assessment of the positive and negative effects of distance learning;
  • interaction with the supervisor and assessment of satisfaction with this interaction,
  • assessment of the learning environment,
  • assessment of the level of academic and social integration of graduate students,
  • expectations from going to defense,
  • characteristics of employment and further professional plans.

In addition, 8 interviews were conducted with the heads of the postgraduate and doctoral departments of leading Russian universities. The interviews were devoted to describing how universities made the transition to distance learning, what difficulties and unexpected discoveries they encountered.

Research of Scientific Supervision in Graduate School

The project is aimed at studying the transformation of scientific supervision in Russian postgraduate studies in connection with changes in the training programs for scientific and pedagogical personnel caused by global challenges and the reform of this level of education. Its implementation will make it possible to identify the most effective practices of scientific supervision in postgraduate studies, contributing to an increase in the scientific productivity of graduate students.

The study is conducted using a mixed design. The first stage involves conducting semi-formalized interviews with supervisors and their graduate students. The results of this stage will be used to identify the mechanisms for the formation of pairs "supervisor - graduate student" and build their typology. The second stage involves conducting a quantitative survey of scientific leaders and their graduate students.

Survey of graduate students of leading Russian universities
about the project

In 2016, together with the HSE Center for Internal Monitoring, the first large-scale survey of graduate students from leading universities in Russia was carried out. The survey involved 14 universities: 12 participants of Project 5-100 and 2 federal universities. The total number of respondents is 2,034 postgraduate students, which is about a quarter of all postgraduate students who studied at the participating universities. The survey tasks included:

  • identifying motivation to enter graduate school;
  • assessment of the educational process and conditions for the implementation of research and teaching activities:
  • identification of the main difficulties encountered in learning;
  • assessment of the involvement of graduate students in educational and research activities;
  • determination of the scale and nature of employment of graduate students;
  • identification of the planned career trajectories of graduate students.

The collection of data was carried out through filling out an online questionnaire, the link to which was distributed through the administration of the universities - participants of the project, the title and postgraduate experience in Russia and abroad.

Analysis of the current state and prospects for the development of postgraduate studies in universities participating in the 5-100 Project
about the project

In March-June 2016, a research project was implemented to study the current state and prospects for the development of postgraduate education in Russia in the context of the implementation of the postgraduate education reform. The purpose of the study was to study the problems faced by universities - participants of the "5-100" Project in the implementation of postgraduate programs, as well as best practices to help overcome emerging problems. In the course of the study, interviews were collected with graduate students and heads of postgraduate study departments at universities participating in the 5-100 Project: eleven interviews with heads of graduate studies departments and twenty interviews with graduate students. Students from eleven universities took part in interviews with graduate students (1-3 interviews in each). The sample of informants was constructed in such a way that students of different years, forms and specialties of education were represented in it. The interviews with graduate students covered the following topics:

  • previous experience in teaching and research;
  • admission to graduate school;
  • attitude to scientific activity and motives of studying in graduate school;
  • postgraduate studies;
  • employment outside the university,
  • scientific leadership
  • career plans.

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