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Joint seminar of CSHE and Laboratory for University Development

About the seminar

The initiators of the project are the Laboratory for University Development and the Center for Sociology of Higher Education. The organizers of the seminar invite other departments of the Institute of Education and the Higher School of Economics, whose activities are related to research in the field of higher education, to participate in the seminars.


 Discuss colleagues’ research projects 

Enhance publication activity of HSE staff

Provide a communication platform for researchers

Seminar format

The following is discussed at the seminar:

— Unpublished research articles

The seminar is a peer review platform where an author of an unpublished article can receive valuable recommendations on how to make the paper stronger before submitting it to a journal editor

— Research projects in higher education 

The seminar is open for discussion of research projects in higher education. Authors will be able to find new solutions to existing problems, define weaknesses and strengths of the planned project, identify new directions for the development of their research


— Seminar participants gain familiarity with all research materials in advance, prepare questions/recommendations on how to improve papers

— At the beginning of the seminar (20 minutes) an author presents his/her research, poses questions for discussion

— The seminar is held twice per month

In order to organize the event, the staff of the Laboratory for University Development should message Margarita Maksimova, the staff of the Center for Sociology of Higher Education should message Ivan Kislenko


2014 – The Idea of the University (Expert Seminar)

A series of seminars by leading experts in higher education where results were discussed concerning research devoted to various philosophical, sociological and political issues of university development at the local and system levels.

2014-2015 – Modern Research in Higher Education

The first experience launching seminars where finalized articles by researchers from the Laboratory for University Development and the Centre of Sociology of Higher Education were discussed. Seminar format: 30-45 minute presentation, comprehension questions, comments by previously identified discussants.

2015-2020 – Modern Research in Higher Education 2.0

Upgrade of the previous seminar version implementing new aims and a new format. The seminars are intended to foster a productive discussion on the papers that authors want to publish as well as new ideas in university research.

2020-current – Modern Research in Higher Education 3.0

A new format for interaction between employees of the University Development Lab and the Center for the Sociology of Higher Education. The new format suggests discussing texts that are being prepared for publication, as well as ideas that have not been yet implemented.

Ivan Kislenko


Margarita Maximova

Research Assistant


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