Education Law Laboratory

Publication of the Commentary to Chapter 2 "Students" of the Law of the Russian Federation "On Education"

The publication covers the most important topics of legal regulation of educational relations. In a systematic way it sets out the rights and obligations of those participating in these relations; defines the requirements for the contents of educational organizations’ rules; examines the existing problems of general, professional and supplementary education. An exclusive attention is paid to the issues of financial security in the field of education.

Szymon Jankiewicz, director of the Centre for Applied Legal Research, leading expert of the Institute of Education HSE participated in the compiling of the collection and contributed Chapter 2 «Students» (in cooperation with Sergey Postylyakov - the expert of the Laboratory for Political Studies, HSE)

Bibliographical description: Образование: закон и гражданин / под ред. проф. А. Н. Козырина. Вып. 17. М. : Библиотечка «Российской газеты», 2015. С. 177.