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Moscow International Education Fair 2020. Part 2

Szymon Jankiewicz took part in the events of the second part of MIEF 2020.

Moscow International Education Fair 2020. Part 2

The round-table talk "Should we give normative status to distance education?"

The past two months of the existence of educational institutions in a distance format were predominantly experimental. Teachers and students mastered new tools, parents, along with teachers, immersed themselves in completing assignments. Today many people say that the school will never be the same now. If so, then in the near future there will be a need for serious work on the normative regulation of educational activities at all levels. The experts discussed the changes in the federal regulation, those whom the regional structures will have to face, the changes that school needs to be preparing for.

The round-table talk "How not to "go too far" with the control?"

In April and May, the supervisory authorities behaved calmly towards educational organizations, in most cases . But everyone understands that the school today lives in the pre-pandemic conditions, in which the register often remains a paper financial document, and the signatures of the parents confirming their presence at the parent meeting are not about to be canceled. The speakers discussed the direction of the activity of the supervisory authorities from the beginning of the academic year and the way the experience and changes taking place in the education system today will be taken into account.