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Leadership Team

Isak Froumin
Head, Institute of Education, HSE
Chair of the Academic Council

Irina V. Abankina
Director, Institute of Educational Studies, IOE HSE

Tatyana Abankina
Director, Centre for Applied Economic Research, IOE HSE

Grigory V. Androuschak
Director, Department of Strategy and Forecast, RF Ministry of Education and Science

Vyacheslav Bashev
Vice Rector, HSE

Victor Bolotov
Academic Supervisor, Center for Monitoring the Quality in Education, IOE HSE
Igor N. Danilevsky
Chair, Department of History, HSE
Nadezhda Derzkova
Deputy Director, Department of Educational Programmes
Academic Secretary
Boris Elkonin
Senior Researcher, International Laboratory for Educational Policy Analysis, IOE HSE

Sergey R. Filonovich
Dean, Higher School of Management, HSE
Oleg Genisaretskiy
Director, Centre for Synergetic Anthropology, IOE HSE
Vladimir E. Gimpleson
Director, Centre for Labour Market Studies, IOE HSE
Elena Kardanova
Director, Center for Monitoring the Quality in Education, IOE HSE

Irina Karelina
Director, Development Programme, IOE HSE

Anatoly G. Kasprzhak
Director, Centre for Leadership in Education, IOE HSE

Sergey Kosaretsky
Director, Center of Social and Economic School Development, IOE HSE
Galina Kovaleva
Director, Centre for Education Quality Monitoring, Russian Academy of Education

Dmitry Kurakin
Director, Centre for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology in Education, IOE HSE

Yaroslav I. Kuzminov
Rector, HSE

Lev L. Lyubimov
Deputy Academic Supervisor, HSE

Vitaliy Matveev
Director, Center for Applied Legal Research

Elena N. Penskaja
Dean, School of Philology, HSE
Andrey Podolsky
Professor, Department of Educational Programmes, IOE HSE

Alexey L. Ryabinin
Department Head, Department of World and Russian History, IOE HSE
Dmitry Semyoniov
Head, Project Laboratory for Universities Development, IOE HSE

Vladimir D. Shadrikov
Director, Institute of Curriculum, IOE HSE

Alexander Sidorkin
Director, Department of Educational Programmes, PhD, IOE HSE
 Tatyana Timkova
Deputy Director of the Institute of Education, HSE

Yulia A. Tyumeneva
Senior Researcher, International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis, IOE HSE
Andrey Zakharov
Deputy Head, International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis, IOE HSE
Kirill Zinkovsky
Deputy Director, Institute for Educational Studies, IOE HSE


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