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White Books
on Russian Education

A one-of-a-kind academic series
that offers empirical and comparative perspectives
across the domains of the Russian educational system

A well of unequalled empirical insights brought by frontline Russian think tanks in education & development

Unprecedented gamut and depth of coverage: K—11 education and extracurricular learning, basic and secondary trade education, university education, continuing learning & development, etc.

A special volume that explores how education can help underpin the development of the economy and society

Originally released in Russian in 2019, the White Books series embraces the ambition to help advance evidence-informed policy and practice so everyone benefits from a more meaningful contribution of education to socioeconomic development.

The series bundles a unique wealth of empirical data and comparative insights—including those into how Russian education has performed against other nations across levels—a joint output by leading expert teams at the HSE University Institute of Education and the Center for Strategic Research (CSR).    

Each of 6 VOLUMES
of the series spotlights a specific realm of the Russian educational system while sharing expert analysis and commentary unparalleled in terms of scope and scale

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The White Books series sets itself apart as so far the only study to offer analytical coverage just as wide and in-depth across the Russian educational realm and even beyond

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