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Partner with Us

In a globalized world where increasingly more emphasis is placed on knowledge and resource networking, it is only sustained partner linkages across frontiers that will provide the capacity and vision to stay competitive and steer the right course in advancing education.


At IOE, we view transparent, higher-impact international cooperation as absolutely vital for facilitating educational and socioeconomic strategies that deliver.

Since IOE’s very inception in 2012, we have consistently focused on extending our outreach by fostering cross-border ties with both independent experts and institutions, ensuring we stay on the cutting edge of global education research and allied expertise.

Today, our portfolio comprises a range of high-caliber engagements run in partnership with the world’s leading educational R&D hubs, think-tank centers, top-tier interstate organizations and other stakeholders:

Politecnico di MilanoBanco SantanderInstitute of Education, University College London
Peking UniversityStanford UniversityUniversity of Teacher Education Zug
University of CambridgeLynch School of Education, Boston CollegeUniversity of Bath
National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES)University of MassachusettsBeijing Normal University
University of HelsinkiUniversity of TwenteUniversity of Oslo
Maastricht UniversityUniversity of TorontoChinese Academy of Pedagogical Studies
 Russian Agency for Strategic Initiatives 

As part of IOE’s continued expansion, we actively seek new opportunities for effective collaborations with both individual academics and peer organizations in multiple scholarly areas on an agenda conducive to a more meaningful transformative impact on education across communities.    

Cooperating with IOE means comprehensive access to various research tools and resources, including Russia’s most complete and relevant data on education. IOE’s team has a proven track record of success in delivering insights and vision through R&D and advisory projects spanning multiple domains of educational and broader socio-economic environments across nations. This multifaceted expertise places us as a unique academic powerhouse to partner with in seeking to unlock new vistas in education-centric R&D and beyond.    

For more information on partnership opportunities, please check out our Visiting Scholars / Visiting Students page, or contact:

Anna Vladyko, International Cooperation Manager, avladyko@hse.ru 



Politecnico di Milano

Peking University

University of Cambridge

National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES)

University of Helsinki

Maastricht University


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