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RERA International Russian Higher Education Conference

The International Conference by the Russian Educational Research Association (RERA) is a global venue for academics, institutional leaders and policy professionals to gather together and share diverse perspectives on major challenges and goals facing universities and their stakeholders worldwide.

Held on an annual basis since 2010, the Conference has distinguished itself as a one-of-a-kind forum enabling deeper and more comprehensive insights about what makes modern university systems tick, which strategies are best feasible for universities to empower relevant and sustainable social contributions going forward, and how all of these processes and mechanisms – both individually and as a whole – relate to fundamental socioeconomic factors and development drivers within broader settings.

By hosting a multidisciplinary mix of plenary discussions, special sessions and expert workshops, the RERA Conference endows its distinguished keynote speakers and participants with abundant opportunities for networking and debate – by resorting to the latest evidence from both national-level and global contexts – on matters topping today’s agendas in higher education curriculum and instruction, research, strategy, governance and operation, funding, relationships within stakeholder networks, national and international policy, etc.   

The 2018 RERA International Conference, October 24–25, Moscow

In 2018, the Conference’s special topic is ‘Universities in Search of Balance between New and Familiar Goals.’

The program will focus on the following key issues: 

  • Internationalization of Higher Education
  • School, University, Labor Market: Bridging the Gaps
  • Different Goals and Different Student Outcomes
  • Universities and Lifelong Learning
  • Modern Graduate School: Training for Academic and Non-Academic Sector
  • Universities and Regional Economy
  • Academic Profession Transformations
  • University Management amidst Conflicting Objectives. 

The 2018 Conference is set to welcome a superb international cohort of young academics and seasoned professionals in various fields of university research, leadership and strategy, whereby providing a unique venue for invigorating multi-prism debate about topics on the above agenda as well as many other related issues. The event’s keynote speakers include Prof. Philip AltbachProf. Maresi NeradProf. Hans de Wit, etc.

This exchange of academic and practical perspectives will help us gain a more comprehensive understating of the present and the future of higher education, while also fostering networking ties within the global professional community.

The Call for Proposals closes on MAY 1, 2018.

For further information and to apply, please visit the Conference website.

We look forward to everyone interested in multidisciplinary university scholarship joining us for the 2018 RERA International Russian Higher Education Conference!

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