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V International Summer School on Higher Education Research

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The HSE Institute of Education invites researchers in the field of higher education to participate in the 2017 International Summer School, which is to take place in St. Petersburg in June. This year, the Summer School’s agenda will address Higher Education and Social Inequality. The deadline for application is March 15, 2017.
The Institute of Education at National Research University – Higher School of Economics (Moscow), China Institute for Educational Finance Research and Graduate School of Education at Peking University invite earlier-career researchers, institutional researchers, and doctoral students to apply for the upcoming
The 2017 Summer School will focus on:

June 10–16, 2017, St. Petersburg


Applicants with all relevant backgrounds (sociology, economics, political science, education, public administration, management, psychology, etc.) are encouraged to apply for the 2017 International Summer School.

The objective of the Summer School is to provide unique learning opportunities by bringing together both young and senior researchers of higher education. This exchange of perspectives will advance our understanding of higher education and foster the integration of young researchers into the international professional community.

The Vth International Summer School will focus on the inequalities in higher education as well as the problematisation of the role of higher education in reproducing social inequalities. Participation in higher education has been increasing rapidly over last decades, but social equity has not been achieved. Numerous studies around the world show persistent inequalities in access and participation in higher education shaped by social background. Gains in widening access, especially in systems with high participation rates, are undermined by the increasing stratification of higher education institutions and societies. These challenges call for re-thinking, conceptually and socio-politically, the role higher education has in modern society.

The Summer School faculty and participants will discuss such issues as:

·    Key conceptual approaches to the analysis of the relationships between higher education and social inequality (including regional, gender and other inequalities; its global dimension)

·    The roles of the state, society, and markets in shaping social inequalities and stratification of higher education systems

·    Various national models for addressing inequalities in society and education

·    Conditions under which higher education can make a difference in equalizing social opportunities

·    Higher education's contribution to social solidarity and social wellbeing.

Confirmed faculty of the Summer School includes distinguished international researchers and experts in higher education with different professional backgrounds:
Isak Froumin (Academic Advisor, Institute of Education, HSE)
Simon Marginson (Professor, Director of the Centre for Global Higher Education, Institute of Education, University College London)
Pedro Teixeira (Vice-Rector on Academic Affairs; Director, Research Centre on Higher Education Policy (CIPES) and Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, University of Porto)
Jussi Välimaa (Professor, Finnish Institute for Educational Research, University of Jyvaskyla)
Po Yang (Associate Professor, Department of Economics of Education, Graduate School of Education, Peking University).

The format of the Summer School includes seminars, discussions of participants’ research projects, master classes on research methodology, and writing articles for academic journals.

The Summer School’s working language is English. A strong command of both spoken and written English is expected.

Participation fee is 350 EUR for double accommodation and 450 EUR for single accommodation. It includes lodging for 6 nights, three meals daily, coffee breaks, welcome and farewell dinners, excursions. Travel to/from St. Petersburg should be covered by the participants.

Ten scholarships will be provided to cover participation fee for applicants selected on a competitive basis.

The deadline for application is March 15, 2017To apply, you will need to submit online:

1.  A summary of your current research project on higher education (you will be expected to present this at the Summer School), including the objectives of the study, its theoretical/conceptual framework, methodology/design, and significance (in English, 500–1000 words). Please do your best while preparing this document as its quality will be one of the main selection criteria

2.  A personal statement outlining and explaining your interest in the Summer School (in English, 300–500 words)

3.  Latest curriculum vitae detailing your academic background and work experience, publications, and other professional activities. 

The Summer School participants will be shortlisted no later than March 31, 2017. Please consider that you might need to apply for Russian visa (check with a Russian consulate in your country).

Online application form can be found here.

Information about previous International Summer Schools on higher education research:

‘Higher Education, Society, and the State’ (June 4–10, 2016, St. Petersburg)
– ‘Higher Education and the State’ (June 13–19, 2015, St. Petersburg) 
– Higher Education, Finance, and the State’ (July 5–11, 2015, Beijing, China)
– ‘Who are the Students in Higher Education? Changing Roles, Changing Systems, Changing Lives’ (June 8–14, 2014, St. Petersburg)
– ‘Creating Effective Universities’ (June 7–13, 2013, St. Petersburg).  

The Organising Committee, HSE Institute of Education:
Anna Smolentseva, Senior Researcher
Nelly Pavlova, Manager
Isak Froumin, Academic Advisor
Alexander Sidorkin, Dean, Graduate School of Education.

Any questions or queries should be addressed to Nelly Pavlova at: +7 495 623 5249,