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Centre for Education Innovation

The Centre for Education Innovation has been part of IOE since 2014, and pursues a broad research framework addressing the entire lifecycle of novelty in education organization, method, and practice.

Empowered by a multi-dimensional team of highly dedicated and visionary professionals, the Centre tracks, facilitates the adoption of, and strives to further elaborate global best practice in education innovation. One of IOE’s most dynamic and research-intensive units, the Centre consistently accumulates and updates a representative analytical data repository covering cross-country design methodology, implementation procedures, and socioeconomic outcomes of education-focused upgrades and novelties. At the IOE-wide level, these comprehensive outputs serve as fundamental expertise and guideline models to draw upon in building best-in-class, higher value-added R&D deliverables for various stakeholders we advise with.

The Centre’s academic framework primarily involves:

  • Researching into factors that determine various pace of innovation in various leaning & development environments (i.e., high schools, universities, corporate L&D settings)
  • Analyzing global stories of innovation success and failure to more conclusively ascertain the extent to which different facets impact the viability of a particular novelty, e.g.: internal and external social factors (personality traits, skills and implementation approaches, institutional facilitators/barriers, community welfare level, etc.), econometric aspects (efficiency yield, NPV, etc.), nature of decision-making, etc.
  • Analyzing how different education settings vary in terms of their responsiveness and adaptability to innovations.

As part of its massive professional networking agenda, since 2014, the Centre in cooperation with Russia’s RYBAKOV FOND and Strategic Initiatives Agency has been running the annual Education Innovation Challenge international contest. Bringing together acclaimed academic experts and high-caliber business leaders, this venue aims to feature and support top-prospect innovators across educational areas.



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