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IOE Laboratory for Curriculum Design

IOE Laboratory for Curriculum Design investigates and facilitates the implementation of modern syllabi and instructional models in various disciplinary areas and at different levels of schooling.

Established in 2017, the Lab is among IOE’s most dynamic and expertise-intensive academic units. Bringing together a host of acclaimed professionals in various domains of pedagogical scholarship and practice, the Lab pursues a broad and multifaceted basic research, applied development and networking agenda, with an aim of promoting the implementation of cutting-edge educational design and teaching practices on both the national and international scale.

The Lab maintains a diverse portfolio of cross-border comparative studies in the field of secondary general education, fulfills a central role in updating and expanding IOE’s curricular, and also acts as an expert evaluation & advisory hub liaising with various stakeholders across schooling environments on monitoring, designing and deploying the most up-to-date instructional tools and models.      

The Lab’s R&D scope addresses a broad array of aspects critical for effective education design & delivery, including:  

  • Strategies for boosting learning engagement and motivation of modern schoolers
  • New educational technologies and their effects on learning outcomes (STEAM, inquiry-based learning, project-based learning, etc.)
  • The changing role of the teacher and hallmarks of 21st century teaching; best-practice approaches to teacher training & development
  • Upgrading school curricular, including in line with the requirements of the 21st Century Skills Agenda
  • Modernizing teaching aids and resources across disciplinary areas and levels of schooling
  • Classroom-based vs. novelty learning models; hybrid learning
  • Evidence-based learning: the objectives, approaches, and implications.

In its training and education support agenda, the Lab is primarily engaged in academic supervision and advising with IOE’s research trainees and Master’s students pursuing teacher-focused tracks in History, Political Science, and Literature & Languages. In addition, the Lab’s team delivers seminars as part of these MA tracks’ Communications, Education and Technology module.   

Alongside the above scope of in-house training & supervision, the Lab renders ongoing expert assessment & design support to a variety of Russia’s regional and nation-wide teaching excellence projects, including public–private initiatives to enhance the quality of teaching and foster educational innovation by attracting top-prospect academic talent to secondary schools.  

The Lab’s professional networking agenda is focused on supervising disciplinary teacher communities, and holding seminars, both as standalone thematic discussions and within IOE’s continuing education programs, on best practices in social science teaching.  

Key Credentials

Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS). A collaborative endeavor between OECD, an international education consortium as well as governments and instructor unions from over 45 countries, TALIS is a one-of-a-kind evaluation initiative that provides comprehensive and in-depth cross-border insights about learning environments and teaching corps’ working conditions in secondary schools.

At the country level, TALIS offers participant nations a unique opportunity to benchmark their secondary education performance against peer school settings across the globe – important evidence to draw upon in modernizing curricula, governance and organizational frameworks. For teachers and principals, this international survey means a deeper involvement and a more meaningful say in facilitating the implementation of institutional and policy upgrades.

Innovative Models for Social Science Teaching. The Lab’s team is involved in designing and implementing a novelty syllabus & delivery framework for teaching social subjects at school, which draws upon the latest basic research findings and applied developments in the field.

Reform & Modernization in Teacher Training. The Lab devises the most up-to-date, dynamic and highly empowering learning & development programmes, with a special emphasis on in-service training, tailored to best accommodate the fast-changing and ever-expanding qualification and practical needs of modern teaching professionals.

The role of the Lab’s team involves, among others, providing expert reviews, evaluations and curriculum design support to various draft programme concepts and initiatives across areas and levels of training (undergraduate, graduate, continuing L&D and retraining, etc.). In working on this project, the Lab closely partners with other leading national and international hubs for education-focused R&D.   

Strategic Proposals for ‘New Teaching Excellence.’ Advancing education at all levels through comprehensively upgrading its substance, governing policies and organizational models has been among the Russian Government’s top-priority imperatives in seeking to empower a new and more sustainable momentum for Russia’s global competitiveness, social integrity, and well-being. As part of drafting the Russian Socioeconomic Development Strategy through 2035, the Lab’s experts are engaged in developing and filing proposals for revising and enhancing the standards and guidelines for 21st century teaching excellence.