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Centre for Vocational Education and Skills Development

IOE Centre for Vocational Education and Skills Development is involved in fundamental research, applied developments, and advisory projects to promote evidence-based groundwork for advancing the Russian vocational training system.

The Centre strives to support adequate supply of highly skilled, future-proof workers across industries by tracking job market trends, advancing legislation, updating curricular, and promoting effective development strategies for institutions of vocational training, based on more transparent and robust multi-stakeholder cooperation.

The Centre’s research & advisory agenda includes the following:

  • Analyzing international best practice in interaction and partnerships between the labor market and vocational education institutions (policy, legal regulation, institutional organization, information support)
  • Tracking economy-driven trends in HR labor qualification expectations; liaising across employer and educator communities to better align training inputs and professional outputs required
  • Developing and updating vocational standards and guideline programs by specialty
  • Analyzing industry and regional policies in human resource provision and continuing education
  • Developing instruments to assess the quality of vocational training outcomes, HR candidate evaluation toolkits, etc.

Key Credentials

  • Competence Development in VET. A comparative analysis of intended and implemented curricula in the field of business administration (CodeVET).
  • All-round expert support to the drafting of the Russian Strategy to Develop the National System of Qualifications until 2030.
  • Developing and piloting a System for Cross-border Evaluation of Vocational Competencies Based on the WorldSkills Methodology.


Fedor Dudyrev

Director, email: