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Associate Director of the Institute of Education, Academic Director of Doctoral Program

Contract Type
Initial three-year appointment to a full professor position combined with administrative responsibilities, with an option of automatic extension.

Position Open Until Filled

About Us

Consistently ranked among Eastern Europe’s top universities, the Higher School of Economics (HSE) offers unrivalled research opportunities in a broad range of areas, including social sciences, education and humanities.

Fueled by the synergies of its distinguished faculty, best-prospect graduates, and renowned cross-border partners, the Institute of Education (IOE) is an HSE core unit, which has been rapidly evolving into a globally recognized hub of lead-edge expertise and innovation in multidisciplinary education-related research, instruction, advisory services and professional networking. At IOE, we train frontline academics, analysts, administrators and policy leaders with the skills, attitudes and values required to shape future-proof learning environments that both empower and deliver. 

Position Overview

IOE has built, and seeks to further advance, highly engaging, cutting-edge graduate curricula, where enrollees are exposed to a vibrant mix of research and practical activities. In particular, IOE’s faculty can offer first-class advice and guidance, coupled with ample extra course support and internship opportunities in conjunction with the world’s top-notch educational centers, such as Stanford University, the University of Oslo, University College London and the Singapore National Institute of Education. The Academic Director will be responsible for further development of the existing doctoral program. Concurrently, the successful candidate will also engage in the deployment of a new globally-focused PhD program in Education. Therefore, a suitable candidate must possess a good deal of strategic acumen, proactive leadership (always being ready to go the extra mile) and a profound familiarity with global best practices in higher education.

Key Responsibilities

  • Overseeing the IOE’s Academic Council
  • Supervising PhD applicants’ testing, selection, and admissions
  • Delivering regular doctoral seminars for program enrollees
  • Counseling and providing advice to PhD candidates and their academic supervisors
  • Planning further developments to the IOE’s Doctoral Program and putting them into practice
  • Teaching one course per year for doctoral students
  • Nurturing the faculty’s professional development in research, instruction and consultation services across all areas of focus
  • Developing support mechanisms for the faculty in both sponsored and non-sponsored research endeavors
  • Providing leadership, direction, and oversight of processes at the Institute with regard to recruitment, appointment, retention, assessments for promotion and tenure, issues related to sabbatical and professional development leave, awards and recognition, etc.
  • Taking part in strategic, organizational and operational decision-making at an institute-wide level.


  • A PhD in education, public policy, psychology, economics, social sciences or a related field
  • Russian language proficiency is a plus, but not mandatory
  • Senior academic and administrative leadership experience
  • A distinguished record of scholarly achievement, including research funding, refereed publications, professional presentations at both national and global level, etc.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, with a proven record of prolific teamwork and collaboration with faculty, administrators, staff and students
  • Clear demonstration of mentoring, leadership and organizational skills.

Compensation and Benefits

  • Salary commensurate with experience and achievement
  • Medical insurance
  • Personal allowance for relocation
  • Funding awards to foster research and professional networking in a select area of education and related specialist fields.

Equal Opportunity Statement

As an equal opportunity employer, HSE hires, trains and promotes individuals solely by reason and on grounds of their education, experience, interpersonal skills and professional abilities. In our recruitment and operations, we strictly comply with applicable national and global non-discrimination legislation, relentlessly cultivating a resourceful, diverse and cooperative work environment.

If you have the background and expertise to qualify for this position, please submit your CV, a Cover Letter, contact details of two or three referees, and links to your latest research publications at: ioe@hse.ru.



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