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Centre for Education Law

The Centre for Education Law is the Institute for Education Development’s unit focusing on legal and legislative aspects of education.

The Centre pursues ongoing liaison with the Russian Education and Science Ministry and the Russian President’s Office, among others, in facilitating comprehensive upgrades to Russian educational legislation.

Run by an experienced team of multifaceted legal professionals, the Centre is engaged in an extensive academic and advisory agenda aiming to foster best-practice research, policy developments, and up-to-date guidance across legal domains of education, including international and comparative aspects.     

The Centre’s basic research, which primarily addresses education stakeholder rights, inequality, and accountability, serves to provide evidence-based grounds for devising more robust and equitable education policies at different levels.    

In its applied framework, the Centre drafts legislative proposals, develops practical guidelines, and designs systems vehicles for enhancing legal regulation in the educational sector to advance more sustainable and empowering learning settings of greater equity, higher transparency, and improved governance. Since its inception in 2001, the Centre has built a solid track record of success providing legal assessment & advisory support to multi-stakeholder projects and initiatives in the following areas:

  • Equality and accessibility in education; incentives for disadvantaged schools 
  • Education institutions' legislative initiatives and developments at local and nation-wide levels
  • Measures to support higher-efficiency education funding vehicles and other educational innovations
  • Performance monitoring & assessment framework in the Russian education system 
  • Initiatives addressing gifted education development.

Alongside its R&D activities, the Centre is also a key part of IOE’s training agenda. The Centre’s experts counsel and advise with IOE Graduate School of Education (GSE) Bachelor’s and Master’s students, lecture on legal aspects of education in GSE Evidence-based Educational Policy and University Leadership tracks, and run a series of professional development courses.    



Szymon Jankiewicz,

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Nadezhda Knyaginina, Junior Research Fellow

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Junior Research Fellow