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Annual Conference of Consortium of Higher Education Researchers

The Annual Conference of The Consortium of higher education Researchers / CHER 28th Annual Conference took place in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 7-9. This year’s topic was ‘Global Challenges, National Initiatives, and Institutional Responses – The Transformation of Higher Education’. The participants discussed recent transformations in higher education: global challenges that the universities face, and the ways to cope with these challenges.

The following HSE staff members took part in the event: Maria Yudkevich, Director of the Center for Institutional Studies, Isak Froumin, Academic Supervisor of the Institute of Education, and Junior Research Fellows of the Institute Oleg Leshukov and Dmitry Semyonov, and Daria Platonova, Reseacrh Assistant of the Institute.

The HSE presented three reports. Isak Froumin participated in the panel session ‘High Participation Systems of Higher Education: Disentangling the Generic and the Particular of System Dynamics When Participation Approaches Universality’. Oleg Leshukov, Dmitry Semyonov and Daria Platonova presented the report ‘How Do Regional Contexts Share Higher Education System (Case of Russia)’.


The paper explores the relation between the competition between higher education institutions (HEIs) and efficiency of higher education systems taking the evidence from the regions of Russian Federation. Using data envelopment analysis (DEA) we investigate the efficiency of higher education systems in the regions and juxtaposes the results with the higher education competition levels in them. The analysis finds that within the overall sample the correlation is positive, but not striking. Yet, the extent of completion is connected with the efficiency of the regional sets of HEIs more in the regions that are less developed socio-economically. These findings refer to the issues of higher education policy-making targeted at managing the competition and performance, and the discussions about the local contexts that influence efficiency. 

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