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HSE, UrFU symposium takes place at X intl conference “Russian Regions in the Focus of Changes”

Isak Froumin, Academic Supervisor of the Institute of Education and advisor to Russia’s Minister of Education and Science, accompanied Daniel Sandler, UrFU's Vice-Rector for Economics and Strategic Development, in their task to moderate the discussion.

“The whole world sees universities emerge, that race for publications in international journals, that is, major research universities. It is an absolutely normal situation,” Froumin said. “Besides, universities with the so-called Third Mission, region-oriented, are crucial to be established.”

Froumin added that a new initiative of Russia’s Education Ministry to arrange backbone universities in the country’s regions could bring back inhomogeneous Soviet education system. He recalled that at that time, universities with similar features were called basic, and the state overlapped employer’s and consumer’s duties, backed by the obligatory graduate placement scheme.

Assistant Professor at the School of Education, Peking University, Po Yang (China), and Associate Professor in Public Policy and Administration at the University of Agder, Romulo Pinheiro (Norway) were among the experts, who participated in the symposium.

The conference took place on November 13-14 in Yekaterinburg, with its key topic dedicated to the ways to “balance the tasks of new industrialization, spatial development and social policy in the time of budget restrictions”, according to the website of the UrFU Graduate School of Economics and Management, which hosted the event.