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Chapter on Soviet flagship university model published in new Macmillan book

The authors of one of its chapters, “The Soviet Flagship University Model and its Contemporary Transition”, were Isak Froumin (Academic Supervisor of the Institute of Education) and Oleg Leshukov (Junior Research Fellow of the Institute of Education).

In Russia, the book was presented at the 6th International Conference organized by the Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers on October 15.

Watch the presentation of the book

Flyer of the book


The chapter aims to explore the special model of flagship universities that emerged in the former socialist Soviet system and analyse their contemporary transition. A planned state economy requires the development of a sophisticated hierarchical typology of higher education institutions with flagship universities positioned at the top of the hierarchy. The Soviet higher education model was different from those found in other parts of the world because of its officially assigned special leadership roles. Soviet flagship universities provided support for other universities in national or regional contexts. This support included the training of teaching staff, curriculum development, and quality control. Flagship universities had exclusive opportunities to conduct research. The first part of the chapter highlights the differences between these flagship universities and the rest of the higher education system.