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Dr. Martin Carnoy Recognized by HSE Academic Honors Award

The HSE Academic Honors Award acknowledges contribution to high-impact scholarship and the advancement of multifaceted cooperation in global science and education.

Dr. Martin Carnoy is a Professor at Stanford University where he has served for exactly 50 years. His research has been commended in the global academic space for high-relevance novelty insights into different facets of international educational practices and policy frameworks. Dr. Carnoy has had his major stake in nurturing a cohort of capable and visionary professionals in various domains of scholarship, institutional governance and public administration. His alumni include world-renowned professors, ministers and even state leaders.

Dr. Carnoy’s association with IOE dates back to 2011, when he took up the academic helm at the IOE International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis. In his role as the Lab’s Academic Supervisor, Dr. Carnoy has helped to recruit a host of bright young researchers as well as to expand and diversify the Lab’s R&D profile.  

‘As a researcher, Martin Carnoy is unique for his utmost dedication to academia and enthusiasm for exploring real-life phenomena that take place in the educational perimeter,’ Isak Froumin, Head of the HSE Institute of Education has commented. ‘It is all thanks to Martin that the laboratory was able to expand its focus beyond the quantitative aspects alone to delve into immediate day-to-day practices in modern schooling as unfolding here and now. Soon, a volume based on observations, stakeholder interviews and hundreds of video recordings of real lessons will be published in Russia. It is the first systematic study of Russian school education.’

‘Fundamental research in educational policy is of great value, even if only a narrow circle of people are engaged in this area and very few think about using such research to change the situation in education,’ Martin Carnoy says. ‘I see it as my responsibility to help as many students as possible to become highly competent researchers. I work a lot at the laboratory at the Higher School of Economics and I see young students grow up before my very eyes. This brings me great satisfaction.’