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2018 RHEC Conference to Host IPA Symposium of Early-career Scholars in Higher Education for the First Time

This year’s International Russian Higher Education Conference (RHEC), which is to get underway at HSE Moscow on October 24, will welcome a brand-new venue to promote early-career research in higher education, Innovative Proceedings & Analytics Symposium.   

The annual Innovative Proceedings & Analytics (IPA) Symposium is held as part of SemyonovAward, an IOE-run initiative named after Dmitry Semyonov that recognizes his unwavering commitment to advancing novelty perspectives in higher education studies and bolstering bright young academic talent by his own example.      

The IPA Symposium is designed as a series of sessions for early-career scholars and distinguished experts to gather together and discuss prospective papers in various domains of higher education research. As part of the forum, each participant will receive firsthand feedback from a discussant on their current research project.   

The essential condition for participation is submitting a full paper draft in English by September 15, 2018. IPA participants selected on a competitive basis will be granted scholarships to cover travel, accommodation and the RHEC Conference fee.