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IOE Expert Tatiana Khavenson Recognized by Scopus Awards 2018

IOE Expert Tatiana Khavenson Recognized by Scopus Awards 2018

Tatiana Khavenson, a research fellow at the IOE International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis, has been acknowledged by Scopus Awards Russia 2018 as the most frequently cited scholar in ‘Education.’

Held on an annual basis since 2004, Elsevier’s Scopus Awards is one of the highest academic honors that recognizes researchers who have had the greatest impact on their respective scholarly areas. The Awards’ nominees are selected based on their citation index in Scopus, the world’s largest multidisciplinary referencing database, while the subject fields are determined jointly be Elsevier and The Times Higher Education.  

This year, the shortlisting process involved reviewing the candidates’ citation statistics in Scopus for research papers they published between 2015 and 2018. Tatiana Khavenson of IOE ended up claiming the win as the most frequently referenced scholar in the field of education, while Evgeniy Osin and Aleksandr Saveliev, another two nominees representing HSE, were recognized as top-cited scholars in Psychology and Law, respectively.       

It’s my proud honor to have received these citation & impact accolades as part of Scopus Awards Russia 2018, but what makes me even more delighted is realizing that this reward in fact recognizes how Education has been actively maturing into a distinct and increasingly important research domain in recent years. In this regard, I just can’t but give a special mention to the HSE Institute of Education in acknowledging a very special part that IOE has played in promoting a synergistic environment of high-impact interdisciplinary R&D where scholars with various perspectives, including teaching, social studies, economics, psychology and many others, have come to work hand in hand. My heartfelt thanks are due to all of my fellows at IOE who’ve been considerate and supportive in every aspect of what we do. The conditions that have been created here at IOE have always been conducive to pursuing meaningful scholarship, including through reinvigorating collaborations within IOE and outside the Institute as part of international internships and other opportunities for effective networking, all of which help make more reasoned research decisions and develop fresh academic perspectives. My special gratitude goes to Martin Carnoy, Academic Supervisor at the IOE International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis, to whom I owe much of my capacity as an educational researcher and from whom I’ve always learned by example.

Tatiana Khavenson 
Research Fellow, IOE International Laboratory for Education Policy Analysis

An experienced scholar who has been with IOE for over 10 years, Tatiana has concentrated her research primarily on such areas as inequality of educational opportunities, cross-national insights into education policy developments, and the processes and mechanisms of educational innovations.