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‘Aiming at maximal personalization of education’ – Knewton director

A panel discussion under the title “A real way towards personalized education” was held on Tuesday at the Institute of Education together with Theory & Practice education platform within the framework of the evening cultural program of the Open Innovations 2015 Forum.

Its special guest was Fernando Rodriguez-Villa, Business Development and Strategy director at Knewton adaptive learning company.

Moderators of the meeting were Evgenia Kulik, HSE Director for Online Education, and Oleg Podolskiy, head of the group ‘Designing Education and Developing Competencies’ at the HSE Institute of Education Centre of Education Quality Monitoring.

During a lively discussion, the issues of possibilities and challenges of modern online education, ways to get interdisciplinary knowledge, as well as marks and motivation behind the educational process.

Fernando Rodriguez-Villa’s presentation

Knewton is the most successful project in adaptive learning. The platform’s services allow the instant adjustment of learning materials for each student and their particular needs. The Knewton Company was founded in 2008. Its mission is to make education as personalized as possible. The platform helps the student navigate through the educational material and helps the teachers select tasks for each student according to their needs and abilities. The most effective textbooks, for example, those from Pearson, are created on the basis of data collected by Knewton. The company has offices in New York, London, Sao Paulo, and Tokyo.