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Tag "HSE guests"

Why R&D Deliverables Often Fail to Deliver in Education

A seminar that was held last week as part of IOE’s Year 2019/20 Series on Educational R&D hosted a guest talk by Dr. Dirk Van Damme, Head of the Centre for Educational Research and Innovation at OECD’s Directorate for Education and Skills. In his presentation, Dr. Van Damme shared his thinking about the main reasons why the domains of educational R&D, policy, and practice are often at odds with one another and what measures could help alleviate this discrepancy.

Illustration for news: How Digital Innovation Impacts Educational Systems of Russia and China

How Digital Innovation Impacts Educational Systems of Russia and China

In late September, IOE hosted the Second Russia–China Conference, Digital Transformation of Education and Artificial Intelligence. The event has offered a multifaceted forum for leading experts from the two countries to foreground and share the most important research, policy and practical perspectives in how the digital stride has been remolding various dimensions of the national education systems.

Illustration for news: Seventh IOE International Summer School on Higher Education Research Takes Place in Saint Petersburg

Seventh IOE International Summer School on Higher Education Research Takes Place in Saint Petersburg

Between May 31 and June 6, Saint Petersburg, Russia is hosting more than 20 junior-career scholars from 10 countries to explore various theoretical and applied perspectives in modern studies of higher education as part of the 2019 International Summer School on Higher Education Research.

Illustration for news: General Assembly of International Academy of Education Meets at HSE Moscow

General Assembly of International Academy of Education Meets at HSE Moscow

On May 23-24, following the Days of the International Academy of Education held earlier this week, the General Assembly of the International Academy of Education took place at HSE University Moscow.  The assembly brings together education researchers and experts from all over the world, and this is the first time that the biannual meeting was held in Russia. Over the course of two days, members discussed joint projects and publications and met newly inducted members who had the opportunity to introduce themselves and present their research. Members also took part in small group discussions on a variety of topics, including digital literacy and math education.

“In this mini-course, we’ve learned a great deal about what essentially spurs and what hinders educational reforms”

Harry Patrinos, Practice Manager for Europe and Central Asia at the World Bank Education, was visiting IOE this spring to lecture on what tops the international agenda in the economics of education and education policy. In between his talks, we asked the IOE faculty and students who attended for their firsthand impressions of this mini-course.

Illustration for news: Can Youth Bullying Ever Be Eradicated?

Can Youth Bullying Ever Be Eradicated?

Dr. Dorothy Espelage (University of Florida) presented a comprehensive account of her research into youth bullying spanning more than two decades in an invited paper ‘Prevention & Intervention of Youth Bullying and other Forms of Youth Aggression: Research Informed Strategies’ at the XX April International Academic Conference.

International Experts Discuss Strategies to Lead the Way in Effective Multi-level Governance in Education

In November, IOE welcomed a cohort of top-notch law & policy experts from the U.S., Russia, Poland, Belgium, South Africa and Germany for the first international conference, ‘Multi-level Governance in Education: Top-down Governance, Transfer of Authority, and Regional Cooperation.’ A joint initiative between IOE and the ‘EduLaw’ (Erasmus+ Mundus – Curriculum Development) project, the event featured multi-prism debate about how more justified central–local power schemas in education can be devised as an important condition for shaping more effective, equity-centric L&D environments.

‘The Biggest Priority in Education Is World Class Professional Development Programmes’

The report entitled ‘Twelve Solutions for New Education’, prepared by the Higher School of Economics and the Centre for Strategic Development, was presented at the XIX April International Academic Conference. Professors Martin Carnoy and Tommaso Agasisti, international experts on education and conference guests, have shared their views on the issues and initiatives highlighted in the report.

World-renowned Education Experts to Present at HSE April International Conference 2018

A top-tier cohort of academics in multiple areas of education scholarship will join IOE in Moscow during April 10–13 to present about territorial differences in education at the 2018 HSE April International Conference on Socioeconomic Development.

IOE Hosts Academic Visit by Prof. Ben Eklof

Dr. Ben Eklof, a Professor at Indiana University’s School of Education and one of HSE’s long-standing academic partners, is visiting at the HSE Institute of Education through mid-March 2018 to contribute to IOE’s R&D projects and advise doctoral students.