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HSE researchers participate in Association for the Study of Higher Education conference in Denver

The HSE delegation was quite impressing, and it included Academic Supervisor of the Institute of Education Isak Froumin and its research fellows Sergei Malinovsky, Igor Chirikov, Dmitry Semyonov, and Anna Smolentseva. They took part in the ASHE Pre-Conferences, in the section, dubbed Council on Public Policy in Higher Education (CPPHE).

Malinovsky presented a report under the title "Massification of higher education and part-time study in Russia: wider participation or segmentation driver?”, which was devoted to the issue of the expansion of extramural education in Russia.

Froumin and Smolentseva, who became a program chair of the Council for International Higher Education (CIHE), participated in the session “Equity Stratification and Governance in High Participation Systems of Higher Education”.

A report “Higher education system dynamics and institutional diversity in post-Soviet countries” was presented by Semyonov within the framework of a round table “From Soviet Model to Where? A Comparative Analysis of the Transformations of the Institutional Landscape in Post-Soviet Countries”, while a report “The Impact of Disciplines on Student Engagement in International Comparative Perspective” was made by Chirikov, whose co-author was Natalia Maloshonok.

“Participation in such events enables us to assess local national problems in a comparative perspective, to understand, whether we use the same language with other researchers, or if the analytical and theoretical constructions that we use differ (and which ones?),” said Malinovsky, Deputy Director of the IoE.

Within the framework of the conference, an agreement was reached with the University of Bath (UK), promoting a new joint research project on institutional dynamics of the universities.

The Association for the Study of Higher Education (ASHE), with its several decades long history, aims at “advancing the production of high-quality research on higher education”, uniting over 2,000 members. In year 2015, its general theme was “Inequality and Higher Education”.