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Publication by IOE Staff Members in International Journal

The article ‘Developing instruments to assess and compare the quality of engineering education: the case of China and Russia’ by the group of IOE staff members (Elena Kardanova, Prashant Loyalka,  Igor Chirikov, Ekaterina Enchikova) was published on the online platform of the journal ‘Assessment & Evaluation in Higher Education’ issued by Taylor & Francis.

This article describes the process of creation and validation of measurement tools that can be used to compare student skill gains in mathematics and physics courses in undergraduate engineering programmes in Russia and China. Drawing on data collected from over 24 engineering experts and 3600 engineering students across Russia and China, the researchers established that it is possible to develop valid, equitable and cross-nationally comparable instruments that can assess and compare skill gains.

The article is based on the results of the project: ‘International Comparative Study of the quality of engineering education across the BRIC countries’.

The developed tools are already used in a large-scale study of the quality of engineering education, implemented by HSE Institute of Education in cooperation with the Stanford University.