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IoE Leading Researcher at the 4th Conference of Higher Education Research Association, University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong hosted the 4th Conference of Higher Education Research Association on May, 27–28. The theme of the conference was “Equity, Employment, and Mobility in Asian Higher Education”.

Among Asian and European researchers, it was attended by Igor Chirikov, Leading Research Fellow at the Institute of Eduaction and Managing Director of the Student Experience in the Research University International Consortium (SERU-I). His report was titled “The Impact of the Project to Boost Global Competition (5-100) on Structural Transformations in Russian Universities”, presenting the results of an analysis of Russian higher education.

Igor shared his impressions on the visit to Asia, saying that “The boutique conference of higher education researchers was organized by the University of Hong Kong (HKU). The HKU has not only assembled the best team of higher education researchers in Asia, but also created an excellent infrastructure for ideas exchange and professional cooperation in this field. The conference was held under the auspices of a relatively new association, organized to unite Asian researchers in this field – Higher Education Research Association.”

The researcher also named five topics that he believes to have cost most lively discussions at the conference.

  1. The ways for universities from developing countries, that are committed to entering the global elite (formed mainly by American and British universities), to break through the "glass ceiling".
  2. Unforeseen consequences of the programs to raise competitiveness and assesmment based funding.
  3. The formation of educational hubs and competition that emerges in the sphere of foreign students attracting.
  4. The cases, showing transformation of academic professions in various countries, are introduced quite extensively, in large part because of the project “Changing Academic Profession”, in which Russia participates thanks to the HSE.
  5. The topic of employability gets momentum. Employability shifts to professional relevance and graduates’ preparation to a change in the field of activity, soft skills, etc.