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IOE Researcher among Authors of International Publication on Instructional Design

Oleg Podolskiy (HSE Institute of Education), Norbert M. Seel (Albert-Ludwigs-University, Freiburg), Thomas Lehman (University of Bremen), and Patrick Blumschein (University of Education, Freiburg) have recently published a new textbook on Instructional Design and Technology (IDT).

Entitled Instructional Design for Learning. Theoretical Foundations, the book gives a comprehensive coverage of the underlying theory and various applied models in IDT, from their very outset and to novel international developments.

The manual shares a multi-perspective view on a broad range of questions central to effective IDT, including comprehensive assessment of the learner’s needs and the learning environment; setting L&D goals, defining the scope and methods, and implementing modern ICT-assisted instruction tools; and designing best-practice evaluation frameworks.    

Featuring a robust balance of theoretical and practical insights into the subject, this textbook is a must for all education-focused professionals (school teachers, college and university instructors, corporate L&D specialists, etc.) who seek to equip themselves with the most up-to-date, research-grounded approaches to syllabus planning and delivery.    

View the book’s Introduction and Chapter I.

Oleg Podolskiy, a PhD in Education, is Academic Supervisor of the Modern Instructional Design major as part of the IOE-run Management in Higher Education MA programme.