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Parties to OECD-run Social and Emotional Skills Study Convene in Paris

On March 30–31, Paris welcomed a regular OECD meeting of participants in the Education and Social Progress (ESP) international study, which addresses the development of social and emotional skills at school. Russia was represented by a team of experts with the IOE Centre for Monitoring the Quality in Education (CMQE).

In his welcome address, Head of OECD Innovation & Measuring, Dirk Van Damme, gave a comprehensive outline of OECD’s current education project agenda, including early results of PIAAC 2016.        

In the course of the meeting, the parties primarily focused on discussing the ESP study’s overall objectives, methodology, and timeframe. Further, the participating countries’ representatives were introduced to the project’s general contractor that will handle the entire technical framework.

Alongside ESP-related discussions, the meeting also served as a vibrant venue for broader expertise exchange and academic networking, with county representatives actively sharing the latest research findings on social and emotional skill development in their national L&D settings.

In particular, IOE CMQE experts Ekaterina Orel and Alena Kulikova spoke about the respective achievements and challenges in Russia, including efforts to better accommodate for the subject skills through updating national education standards, novelty applied syllabus developments, and more sizable contributions by the specialist research community.        

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