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Head of the IoE attended Global Trends of Basic Education Innovation Forum in Beijing, China

Head of the IoE attended Global Trends of Basic Education Innovation Forum in Beijing, China

Evgeniy Terentev

On January 19, Head of the Institute Evgeniy Terentev attended global trends of basic education innovation forum with report “Digital literacy: challenges and perspectives in assessment and cultivation”.

The forum was the platform for various specialists from all over the world to meet and exchange their knowledge and experience.

During the panel presentations, Andreas Schleicher, Head of the Education and Skills Department of the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), and Zhang Mingxuan, Director of the UNESCO Centre for Teacher Education, shared their practical experiences and reflections on the innovative development of basic education in different countries and regions, touching on topics such as digital literacy and training of innovative professionals, STEM education, career education, teacher role transformation and professional development, as well as the following topics.

Evgeniy’s presentation was focused on the challenges and prospects of digital literacy assessment and formation. Digital technologies have recently become the pivot around which the main events in the field of education are unfolding, and digital literacy is a key strategy for overcoming the digital divide and promoting the digital transformation of education. At the same time, digital literacy is a difficult construct to measure, as it includes not only the ability to use digital technologies to work with information, but also information security, ethics, the ability to interact effectively in digital environments, choosing the right digital communication channel, identifying risks and threats in the network, etc. It cannot be measured by traditional computer literacy tests consisting of classical test tasks. The paper presented the approach to the assessment of digital literacy and the measurement tool developed by the researchers of the Center for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education, as well as the possibilities of using informative feedback obtained as a result of the assessment to form the digital literacy of schoolchildren.

The President of the China National Academy of Educational Sciences Li Yongzhi released a report on global trends of basic education innovation in Beijing last week. The "International Basic Education Innovation Trend Report 2024" released by the forum is an important research result of the research team of the Chinese Academy of Education Sciences. The report aims to capture and interpret the latest concepts, policies and practices in basic education around the world, promote educational exchanges between China and foreign countries, and promote reform and innovation in basic education in China.