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Our 2023 in highlights

Dear friends, as we look back at the year 2023, may we recall all the positive and good things that it brought us. It was not an easy year, but we made it through. Thanks to the combination of our experience and knowledge, our solidarity and mutual support, we managed to implement a number of significant projects and initiatives. We continue to believe that by combining our efforts and knowledge we can better the education system. This gives us the motivation to move forward and contribute to evidence-based improvements in education. We invite you to take another look at our achievements during the past year and celebrate every success! And new accomplishments are ahead of us!

This year:

The Institute of Education has conducted 10 expeditions

We have gained 3 PhDs in education:

There is a new addition to our friendly institute family - 5 children were born in the families of the Institute's employees!


We launched a social impact project - the Institute is helping to build a comprehensive system of positive career guidance and socialization for children in schools in Kamchatka Krai.


We consistently run an open education workshop and have brewed over 223 liters of coffee in the past year.

Centres and laboratories: success stories

Centre for Vocational Education and Skills Development

In 2023, the Centre became one of the Institute's largest project implementers for the Moscow Department of Education and Science.  Together we have implemented several major regional projects: a college-based campus in the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District and a campus in Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky.

Key articles:

Centre for Psychometrics and Measurement in Education

This year, the Centre made significant progress in assessing students' basic skills and competencies. The team developed unique tools with game elements, thanks to which we were able to assess the level of preparation of more than 27,000 schoolchildren and students in 25 regions of Russia.

The focus was on math and reading literacy, as well as important skills such as communication, creative and critical thinking. The centre also assessed digital, legal, financial and urban literacy.

The results will help to better identify gaps in education and adapt curricula to develop the skills and competencies in demand.After a long break, this year the Centre held the seventh psychometric international summer school - for the first time outside Russia in the beautiful city of Yerevan, Armenia. The Institute resumed the tradition of learning the best methods from the best experts.

Key publication:

International Laboratory for Evaluation of Practices and Innovations in Education 

In 2023, a key focus of the lab's research was to examine factors in adult use of EdTech products following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The research showed that a period of self-isolation significantly increased adult engagement in online learning, especially among women, despite additional challenges. The lab also developed a model capable of predicting learners' engagement levels based on their digital footprints. This model identified important indicators that influence engagement, such as course activity, assignment participation, and feedback. The results of this work provide valuable data for improving the effectiveness of online adult education.


Key articles: 

Centre for Modern Childhood Research  

The past year was full of research and discussions at the Centre aimed at creating conditions for a healthy childhood. Special attention was paid to research on parenting and the development of environments conducive to children's healthy adulthood.

During the year, the Centre published 10 articles in leading international and Russian journals covering key aspects of childhood and parenting. These publications represent a significant contribution to the scientific community and parenting practice, emphasizing the importance of research in this field.

Key articles:

School Management Laboratory

In the past year, the laboratory team has made every effort to create a developing educational environment in schools. A large-scale social impact project has been implemented in Kamchatka, designed to positively affect the educational infrastructure of the region. The support was provided to the residents of Sergach in rethinking urban space to create more comfortable conditions and opportunities for the development of adolescents. Two student expeditions and a summer educational school for teams of teachers took place.

Laboratory for University Development

Throughout the year, the laboratory continued to work on the development of universities in the regions and the higher education system. We have been actively working in both research and applied areas.

Key articles:

  • Välimaa J., Nokkala T., Romanenko K. Cultural contributions of higher education, in: Assessing the Contributions of Higher Education: Knowledge for a Disordered World / Ed. by S. Marginson, B. Cantwell, D. Platonova, A. Smolentseva. Cheltenham : Edward Elgar Publishing, 2023. doi Ch. 13. P. 262-285. doi

Centre for General and Extracurricular Education

The Centre did everything to develop general and additional education, especially in a difficult social context.

Key papers:


Educational Law Laboratory

In 2023, the laboratory worked to improve legislation and eliminate barriers in the field of education, as well as to make educational law more understandable to all interested parties.

In addition, the laboratory conducted a comparative study of language policy in Russia, Canada, Belgium, Australia, China, Finland, South Africa, and Spain. The study analyzes the approaches of these countries to the regulatory regulation of the study of native languages.

Laboratory for Educational Innovations

Over the past year, the laboratory has continued to monitor and describe trends in the field of education. We held the 10th anniversary Competition of Innovations in Education (KIVO).

The laboratory has prepared and released a popular scientific material "Portrait of an innovator in education", summarizing the results of many years (since 2013) of research by the innovation community in this area.

Key article: 

We say goodbye to the year 2023 and thank everyone who was with us this year, helped, shared knowledge and wisdom. We hope that next year we will do more interesting projects together.