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Representatives of University of Central Asia visit HSE Institute of Education

During talks that took place on July 23, HSE’s Isak Froumin and Alexander Sidorkin met with Shamsh Kassim-Lakha and Ariff Kachra of the University of Central Asia to discuss ways for the two universities to collaborate.

The meeting was mostly aimed at discussing the possibility of cooperating to develop educational programmes in economics and computer science. Creation the foundation for instructor and student exchanges, as well as joint research were also discussed.

Particular attention was paid to sharing experiences and opportunities for cooperation with the Institute of Education.

At a separate meeting between Isak Froumin and Alexander Sidorkin, colleagues from the University of Central Asia expressed their readiness not only to cooperate through undergraduate, post-graduate, and post-doc student exchanges, but also to work together on research connected to education in the post-Soviet space.

In addition, it was noted that because of limited experience in preparing staff for the educational system, as well as a lack of expertise in education policy in Central Asian countries, the two universities might develop a school of education in the Soviet Central Asia with the expert support of the HSE Institute of Education.

The University of Central Asia is an ambitious project that aims at creating an educational centre in three Central Asian countries of Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan.

A unique quality of the university is the fact that its campus is located in the immediate vicinity of the mountains, which is no accident. The University’s ‘target audience’ is residents of the mountainous area who do not have the opportunity to receive quality education. Due to advanced programmes of study, it is expected that graduates of the University will create new jobs and guarantee the development of the labour market.