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Research Group from Japan Visits HSE Institute of Education

A research group from Japan visited HSE Institute of Education on September 10. The delegation came to Moscow to study the reform of pedagogical education in Russia.

The following researchers from major Japanese universities visited the Institute of Education:

  • Akiko Minei, Professor at the University of Tsukuba, Head of the delegation
  • Minoru Otani, Professor at the Kanazawa University 
  • Grigory Misochko, doctoral student at the University of Tsukuba

Over the past four decades, this Japanese research group has been engaged in comparative studies of education in the Soviet Union and the Russian Federation, as well as in Japan. The results of their research  have been published in Japan.
During the Moscow meeting, staff members of the Institute of Education Alina Ivanova, Valeriya Malik, Nadezhda Knyaginina and Daria Milyaeva presented their main projects and discussed future cooperation in comparative studies of education and pedagogical education with the colleagues from Japan.