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‘Global Competition and Collaboration Strategies of Research Universities in China and Russia’ workshop at University of Hong Kong

During the two-day-long workshop at the University of Hong Kong, findings of research teams from Russia, China, Canada, Kazakhstan and some other countries were presented. They were dedicated to the issues of internationalization and international competitiveness of universities.

The HSE Institute of Education was represented by Igor Chirikov, Academic Supervisor at the Centre for Institutional Research, and researchers at the Project Laboratory for the Development of Universities, Sergei Malinovsky and Mikhail Lisyutkin.

Chirikov, who was among the establishers of the event, made a report on global competitiveness of higher education and organizational changes taking place at universities.

Malinovsky presented results of a study of Soviet and post-Soviet transformation of the process of attracting foreign students to Russian universities, conducted in collaboration with Dr Maia Chankseliani (University of Oxford).

Lisyutkin spoke on a research into the practices of increasing international competitiveness, applied by the universities that are members of the “Project 5-100”, conducted together with Isak Froumin, Academic Supervisor at the Institute of Education).

The workshop will result in one of the leading publishing houses, CERC-Springer, producing a book under the title “Higher Education and Global Competition: China, Russia, and De-Sovietization Practices”, with Chirikov being one of its editors.

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