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Tag "ideas & experience"

Illustration for news: The Campaign Against Bullying

The Campaign Against Bullying

Bullying is a problem that has plagued school-age education worldwide. Methods that stakeholders harness to alleviate bullying often fail to produce an effect as significant and lasting as originally expected or sometimes even further aggravate the state of affairs. Arthur Rean and Maria Novikova, experts at the IOE Laboratory for the Study of Adolescent Deviance, believe that effective and sustainable remedies for bullying invariably imply a comprehensive approach that proposes an increased policy emphasis on programs to counter adolescent aggression alongside more systemic and focused efforts by schools to foster reciprocity and supportive psychological climate. 

Illustration for news: Global Education Leaders Discuss Best Practices in Vocational Assessment at WorldSkills Kazan 2019

Global Education Leaders Discuss Best Practices in Vocational Assessment at WorldSkills Kazan 2019

Between August 22 and 27, Kazan, Russia is hosting the 45th WorldSkills international vocational championship that brings together over 1,300 young mid-skilled blue- and white-collar professionals from 63 countries who compete in 56 specializations. As part of WorldSkills Kazan 2019, a global Ministers of Education Summit was held last week where agency heads and top executives at the system level from more than 40 participant nations exchanged perspectives on key challenges and opportunities in deploying more robust frameworks for vocational monitoring and testing.

Leading Education Reforms that Make a Difference

There is never a single-model approach or uniform guidance as to how an educational leader should best proceed to spearhead reforms that can spark positive change to benefit multiple realms and stakeholder groups. Letters to a New Minister of Education, a volume edited by Dr. Fernando M. Reimers that has recently been out in the U.S., shares a deep well of cross-country experience in how to make sustainable transformations in education come about.

Illustration for news: How Political Whims and Woes Have Afflicted Education Internationalization

How Political Whims and Woes Have Afflicted Education Internationalization

It was back into the summer of 2018 when Dr. Hans de Wit, a renowned authority on global higher education, came up with a call for essays on the achievements and failures of academic internationalization over the past quarter-century to be featured in University World News. Irina Shcheglova, researcher at the IOE Center for the Sociology of Higher Education, was only too enthralled to take up this challenge.

Dr. Irina Abankina: ‘The Institute of Education Has Achieved a Lot in Recent Years’

Dr. Irina Abankina, Director of the Institute for Education Development, Tenured Professor and Member of the HSE Academic Council, spoke about her life in academia and work at HSE, for the project ‘Research at HSE: For School and for Life’.

Breakthrough Solutions to Lead the Way in Modernizing Education

On April 11, the Education Symposium held as part of the XIX HSE April International Academic Conference featured a presentation and discussion of the paper ‘12 Solutions for New Education,’ which was prepared by the HSE Institute of Education and the Russian Centre for Strategic Development.

Illustration for news: Exploring the Role of Higher Education in Modern Ecosystems

Exploring the Role of Higher Education in Modern Ecosystems

In March 2018, a team of researchers at the IOE Laboratory for University Development traveled to Augsburg, Germany to present at this year’s conference, Higher Education in Modern Ecosystems: Efficiency, Society and Policies.

SELFIE: Helping Schools Go Digital

This January, Spain’s Seville, which is the capital of Andalusia and one of the country’s most picturesque localities, welcomed an expert workshop as part of the large-scale SELFIE school digital self-evaluation project. Irina Dvoretskaya, a researcher at the IOE Center for Educational Leadership, attended the event to discuss the results of SELFIE’s pilot stage in Russia and outline key areas for further developing and refining this new school assessment framework.

‘When there’s a good opportunity for a research internship abroad, just don’t miss out’

IOE doctoral student Irina Shcheglova has recently completed her internship with the Center for Studies in Higher Education at the University of California Berkeley (the USA). Immediately after she returned to Moscow, Irina was thrilled to finally share with IOE fellows about the academic experiences she has gained and her overall impressions of this trip.

Exploring Iran’s Best Practices in School Development

Education researchers Alexei Obukhov of IOE and Elena and Luiza Adamyan of Moscow Teacher Training University have recently traveled to Iran as part of an academic program aimed at tracking cross-country best practices in education development. During their visit, which was organized by the leadership of Iran’s two top private school networks, Mofid School and Salam School, the scholars presented about what is being done in the Russian Federation to advance secondary education, and learned from their cross-border peers about how the objectives of modernizing school environments are addressed in Iran.