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Cooperation with eduLIFE: new publications

The Center for Cultural Sociology and Anthropology of Education at the HSE Institute of Education has seen a good cooperation partnership with the European University Institute (EUI) in Florence (Italy) within the framework of the eduLIFE project.

The project “Education as a Lifelong Process – Comparing Educational Trajectories in Modern Societies” (eduLIFE), was launched at the EUI in 2012, with its director and principal investigator being Hans-Peter Blossfeld, Professor of Sociology. The research, based on cross-national analysis, provides a longitudinal observation of educational careers over the life course of people.

This year, director of the IoE center Dmitry Kurakin had an article published in European Sociological Review journal, under the title “Horizontal and Vertical Gender Segregation in Russia—Changes upon Labour Market Entry before and after the Collapse of the Soviet Regime”. Its co-authors were Blossfeld, as well as EUI research scientist Yuliya Kosyakova, PhD.

The cooperation on the project also includes publishing books. In 2016, a new book, named “Secondary Education Models and Social Inequality: An International Comparison”, is set to be released. Dmitry Kurakin and Diana Yanbarisova, junior research fellow, are among the authors of one of its chapters, that was based on a longitudinal panel survey “Trajectories in Education and Career”.

The first book of the series dedicated to the project was published in 2014, dubbed “Adult Learning in Modern Societies: An International Comparison from a Life-course Perspective”. The second one, “Gender, Education and Employment: An International Comparison of School-to-Work Transitions”, was released in 2015, and one of its chapters was based on the research by Kurakin ("Do Institutions Matter? Occupational Gender Segregation at Labor Market Entry in Soviet and Post-Soviet Russia”).