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IoE postgraduate student participates in Durham University workshop

Daria Milyaeva, postgraduate student of the Institute of Education and its manager, had a chance to go to England last year to improve her research skills. She participated in the workshop "Assessment of elementary education quality: experience of Great Britain" that took place at the University of Durham on December 14-18.

According to Daria, her participation in the event contributed to her advance in the following challenges that she faces as a young researcher:

  • further training in the field of sampling while conducting a comparative study using the tool iPIPS (The International Performance Indicators in Primary Schools), having studied the example of the United Kingdom;
  • study of adaptation systems of migrant children in the UK;
  • enhancement of the questionnaire of parents in order to obtain more information about the recentness of arrival to the country of getting education, nationality and the language used in the family;
  • finding solution to one of the problems of her master's thesis, the one related to the choice of the term that could be used as a basis for comparison of children’s educational achievement;
  • and finally, extension of academic contacts with researchers in the field of psychometrics.

The workshop was also marked by the presence of Durham University researchers, Professor Peter Timms*, Director of iPIPS and Professor of Education, and Dr Christine Merrell, Director of Research of iPIPS study.

In addition, within the framework of the workshop, several meetings were organized, including the ones with Katharine Bailey, iPIPS Director for Business Development, the research project’s software developers, administrators and representatives of the Legal Department. At those meetings, the delivery of an agreement between the HSE University HSE and the University of Durham was discussed, as well as the experience of the iPIPS team in processing data on migrants’ children, and many other topics.

Durham University has been ranked in the top 100 in the QS World University Rankings. Its Center for Evaluation & Monitoring (CEM) is a developer of iPIPS tool, applied to study children starting school, based on an assessment system with a story of over two decades of implementation in over 70 countries of the world.


* A little over a year ago, Professor Timms and Professor Merrell were at the HSE Institute of Education on an academic visit.