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How Child’s Phonological Ability Impacts Their Aptitude in Math

How Child’s Phonological Ability Impacts Their Aptitude in Math
A recent study by IOE experts Alina Ivanova, Diana Kaiky and Yulia Kuzmina finds a link between the phonological ability of school starters (e.g., sensitivity to the sound composition of speech, the ability to identify individual sounds and syllables, etc.) and their capacity in math. The socio-economic status of the child’s family turns out to be an important modulator in the phonology–math relationship, the study suggests.

HSE Researchers Benchmark First-grade Performance of Russian and British Schoolers

The HSE Institute of Education researchers have updated the iPIPS school-entry ability evaluation tools to allow for equated benchmarking of primary-schooler progress across countries. The first results have been obtained from a representative sample of Russian and British first-graders.

IoE postgraduate student participates in Durham University workshop

Manager and postgraduate student of the Institute of Education took part in a workshop, organized by the Center for Evaluation & Monitoring of the University of Durham last December, to study foreign experience in assessment of elementary education quality.