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New Issue of HERB features an Article by IoE Director

The article dubbed "Authentic Improvement: A Case for Flexible Faculty Evaluation Policies", whose author is Dean of the HSE Institute of Education Alexander M. Sidorkin, was published in the March issue of Higher Education in Russia and Beyond (HERB) journal. It was created by the National Research University Higher School of Economics in order to reveal the developments that take place in higher education institutions in Russia, as well as countries of Eastern Europe and Central Asia.

The author shares a couple of fictional stories, illustrating various strategies of building a career in academic publishing, and encourages to be more ambitious in terms of university’s publication record:

I would like to invite us to think about exceptions — about faculty who seem to be able to break through the institutional and cultural barriers and establish themselves as leading scholars in their respective fields while working at a second-tier university. Perhaps by understanding how they do it university leaders will better understand what kinds of institutional reforms are needed to move their entire institutions on to the next level.

The full text of the article can be found here.