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Student Engagement and Academic Honesty among Topics Covered in Latest Issue of Leading HSE Journal

The beauty of the modern pool of ideas in the field of education lies in its multiple approaches, as well as diverse and occasionally conflicting opinions. As the leading Russian journal on education,  Voprosy obrazovaniya/Educational Studies  offers a space for the professional community worldwide to engage in rich discussion.

The first issue of 2016 is devoted to the outcomes of the 6th International Conference of Russian Association of Higher Education Researchers that was held in Moscow in October 2015. Manja Klemenčič, Fellow and Lecturer in Sociology of Higher Education at Harvard University, served as a keynote speaker at the conference; her interview in the latest issue of the journal covers five theoretical propositions for enriching student engagement. The discussion on student experience is continued by Paul Ashwin from Lancaster University with his interview and an article on how the experience of higher education can change a person and influence his or her future life.

Another subject discussed at the conference – academic honesty (or lack thereof) – is also covered in the latest issue of the journal, with two articles by young HSE scholars focusing on this pressing issue. The first is Natalia Maloshonok’s ‘How Perception of Academic Honesty at the University Linked with Student Engagement: Conceptualization and Empirical Research Opportunities’; Evgeniya Shmeleva authored the second piece entitled ‘Plagiarism and Cheating in Russian Universities: The Role of the Learning Environment and Personal Characteristics of Students’.

Several sections of the journal are designed to cover various aspects of education that would be interesting for both practitioners and researchers of education, including economics, sociology, psychology and history of education. In the Reviews section, regular contributing author Alexey Lyubzhin from the Rare Books and Manuscripts Division of the Moscow State University Research Library discusses ‘Cultural Foundations of Learning’ by Jin Li, which was recently published under the Library of Voprosy obrazovaniya, a new project that aims to introduce Russian readers to the most significant international books on education.

For the last two years, the journal – in close cooperation with HSE Publishing House – has released Russian translations of nine books, including bestsellers such as ‘Cultural Foundations of Learning, East and West’ by Jin Li and ‘The University. An Owner's Manual’ by Henry Rosovsky.


 Voprosy obrazovaniya/Educational Studies is an academic journal published by the Higher School of Economics since 2004. Over the past two years, the journal has published materials in both Russian and English. The journal maintains a leading position in the Russian Citation Index and serves as a point of reference not only for researchers but also for practitioners and policymakers in the field of education.