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IOE Expert Takes Part in International Education Conference in USA

In early March, Senior Researcher with IOE Centre for Higher Education Sociology, Pavel SOROKIN, took part in Comparative and International Education Society Annual Conference 2017, which was held in Atlanta, the USA.

Bringing together the world’s leading researchers, policy-makers, and public experts, the Comparative and International Education Society conferences are a recognized global venue for multi-prism discussions of the most topical matters in education and related fields.

The 2017 Conference, entitled Problematizing Inequality, featured an extensive agenda addressing modern socioeconomic disparities and the central role that fostering decent and accessible education plays in advancing sustainable communities of greater equity, diversity, and inclusion.   

In his report, Pavel gave a historical and comparative outline of inclusion trends that have been observed in the post-Soviet educational landscape over the past decades. A special focus was placed on practical incentives and mechanisms implemented at national levels to underpin individual academic and professional achievement as the key driver of social mobility.