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China’s National Institute of Education Sciences and IOE to Cooperate on Long-term International Comparative Study

On April 12, IOE representatives met with a delegation from China’s National Institute of Education Sciences (NIES). The parties have shared their overall vision of cooperation prospects and made a series of specific project commitments.

In the course of the meeting, opportunities for collaboration between IOE and NIES in education-focused research and broader networking were discussed by IOE Academic Supervisor Isak Froumin, Professor Elena Chernobai, Lead Experts Igor Nikitin and Feliks Dudyrev, as well as NIES Professors Gao Baoli and Jiang Xiaoyan.     

In particular, the parties have agreed to jointly implement a landmark comparative study of transformations and upgrades in the Russian and Chinese educational landscapes through the year 2030. With the IOE and NIES teams aiming to pursue dynamic best-practice exchange and contribute synergistically at every stage of the project agenda, this large-scale endeavour should enable frontline academic approaches and far-reaching outcomes to support more robust educational policymaking and beyond. At the project kickoff, the parties will refine the overall scope of the study, with special attention paid to the key education system areas to focus on and the underlying comparison criteria.           

On April 14, Professor Gao Baoli will present his report entitled ‘Modernization of Education in China: Theoretical Studies and Practical Efforts’ at the HSE-hosted 2017 April International Education Symposium (HSE Moscow Campus, 11 Myasnitskaya street, lecture hall 518; 3.00–4.30 pm Moscow Time).